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10 Characters We Want Featured in a New Star Wars Game From EA

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With the recent announcement that Disney will be shoveling off the Star Wars gaming experience to EA and E3 just hours away, Star Wars fans worldwide are dreaming of what could be coming next for the franchise. DICE, Visceral Games and Bioware are going to be tasked with creating the next chapter in Star Wars gaming, and it’s safe to say anticipation is at an all time high. Before Disney closed down shop, Lucas Arts had been fast at work on at least two projects: Star Wars 1313 and Star Wars: First Assault. Both games looked like they had a lot of potential, with Star Wars 1313 winning tons of awards as one of the standout games of E3 just a short year ago. With the future of those two games are very much in doubt, it’s time to dream ahead to what the future of Star Wars gaming may have in store. Below you will find the top 10 characters or factions I would love to see featured in a Star Wars video game. I decided to focus on characters instead of actual game titles, although a true Knights of the Old Replubic 3 is #1 on my list with a bullet. Enjoy.



10. Satele Shan – A descendant of Revan and Bastilla Shan, Satele Shan is one of the major players in the Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO, books and comics. She is a Jedi Master and if you go the Jedi route in The Old Republic, you will get to know her very well. With Bioware back in the saddle making single players, how about taking what they have already established in The Old Republic and turning it into the RPG most gamers really wanted with Satele Shan? It’s an opportunity to cross promote what is now a free-to-play game in hopes that they crossover from the console to the PC.




9. Cade Skywalker – As the last name suggests, Cade Skywalker is a descendant of Luke Skywalker a few generations into the future. He was featured as the main character of the original Star Wars: Legacy comic book run by Dark Horse Comics and like many Skywalkers before him, he walked a fine line between light and dark. His battles with Darth Krayt and Darth Talon pretty awesome, and I think this would be a great opportunity to explore an era of the Star Wars Universe that has barely scratched the surface.




8. Yuuzhan Vong – Undoubtedly, there will be a want (and maybe even a need) to have games that feature the main characters from the original trilogy, so here is an amazing story that has been told through books and comics: The Yuuzhan Vong War. These guys were immune to the force and nearly wiped out the galaxy. There are so many characters that play a major role in the story, some of which I’ll talk about below, but others including Kyle Katarn, Kyp Durron, Finn Galfridian and a bunch more that have become fan favorites, along with Luke, Leia and their motley crew. There is opportunity to focus on one character or have an episodic feel where you take control of different characters each chapter (kind of like High Moon’s Transformer games). The Yuuzhan Vong would create a powerful foe and compelling story, and for those who have read Vector Prime, would allow for one of the most memorable moments to ever occur in the Star Wars Universe to be visualized on screen. I’m not going to spoil it here, but let’s just say I am talking about Chewbacca.




7. Mara Jade – There are so many possible stories they could run with in using the wife of Luke Skywalker in a video game, and the best of them all may actually be the story of how her and Luke fell in love. Imagine playing a video game in which you play as a character tasked with hunting down and killing Luke Skywalker? That has all kinds of awesome written all over it. On top of that, it gives gamers a really awesome female protagonist, which the franchise has been sorely lacking.




6. The Solo Kids – Twins Jacen and Jaina and their little brother Anakin could possibly be the most celebrated characters in the Expanded Universe. The offspring of Han Solo and Princess Leia, all three carry traits from both of their parents. They are all skilled pilots, which would provide an awesome twist on a new X-Wing game, and they all have the power of the Force. The trio have been prominently featured in a wealth of books at various stages of their lives, so picking an the best story to tell could be difficult, but I think if they tied it in with the Yuuzhan Vong, the game would be fantastic.




5. Grand Admiral Thrawn – The Thrawn Trilogy is probably the most well known Expanded Universe storylines in the Star Wars Franchise, and Grand Admiral Throw was the main villain of the story. Having him as the antagonist would open up to have a number of characters run as the protagonist, and I think most Star Wars fans would agree that if we are going to play a game as Luke Skywalker, this might be the story to do it in.




4. Han Solo – I mean, do I really need to expand on this? Han Solo was bringing the swagger before swag was even a thing, and he lives on as one of the ultimate badasses in of all time. His cocky confidence and bravado is the stuff of legends. So seriously, why wouldn’t we want to play as Han Solo in a video game? I would love to explore the tales of Han Solo from before the original trilogy and find out more about what brought him to Mos Eisley that fateful day.




3. Boba Fett – Ideally, I would love to see someone pick up and finish off Star Wars 1313. The game was shaping up to be a Boba Fett story, and next to Darth Vader and Yoda, Boba Fett may very well be the most popular of all Star Wars characters. I would love to see Visceral take over Star Wars 1313, as I feel like they already have experience working with a character like Boba Fett through the Dead Space franchise (at least mechanically) and everything about Star Wars 1313 already seemed fantastic. If Visceral isn’t able to take over Star Wars 1313, I still see them as the perfect studio to start working on a Boba Fett game.




2. Darth Bane – One of the best collections of novels in the Star Wars Expanded Universe is the Bane Trilogy by Drew Karpyshyn. Darth Bane is the Sith Lord that started the Rule of Two: one to embody power, the other to crave it. Always a master and an apprentice. In the first novel “Rule Of Two” (and also in the Darth Bane graphic novel), Darth Bane essentially wipes out the entire Sith Empire with his “Thought Bomb.” Taking his journey of learning as he searches the tombs for holocrons of the many Sith that came before him would be awesome, but the ultimate payoff of visualizing the Thought Bomb would be incredible. Even if they condensed the entire trilogy into one game, there are so many intense and epic battles along the way and I just love the idea of playing the game as a Sith.




1. Revan – Knights of the Old Republic 3. Make it happen. Bioware started it all and now they get to make another game. Sure, they kind of closed out the Revan story with an instance in The Old Republic, and sure, Drew Karpyshyn wrote a book that could essentially serve as the storyline for a KOTOR3, but that’s not enough. I think the main question I would want to ask is this: why WOULDN’T Bioware make this game? The fans have been begging for it for years. BEGGING! The story is fascinating, the character is iconic in the gamingsphere and it could help bring attention to the companies fledgling MMO. No excuses Bioware. Make it happen!

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