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10 Characters We Want To See As DLC For Injustice: Gods Among Us


Lobo is the first of four downloadable characters set to hit the world of Injustice: Gods Among Us, and for his selection, NetherRealm hit it out of the park. Lobo has always been DC’s Wolverine: the badass of the group, if you will. There have been rumors that the other three characters included as part of the Season Pass will be Batgirl, Zod and Scorpion from Mortal Kombat. I couldn’t think of a more uninspired, boring group of characters if I tried. I really hope these rumors turn out to be just that; rumors. (Editors note: After finishing writing this article, the rumors appear to be closer to reality as Batgirl popped up on the in game store on Xbox Live. Bummer.)

To be fair, I actually kind of understand the want and/or need to include Zod and Scorpion. With the latter, I mean, why wouldn’t NetherRealm want to give a hat tip to their other franchise? For the former, well, I don’t know if you’ve heard, but DC has a pretty big movie coming out this summer and it kind of features Zod as a main character. I’m talking about, of course, Man Of Steel, the latest Superman reboot that features Michael Shannon as General Zod. Much like they did with a skin for Arrow and Green Arrow, there could be some cross promotion in play, but if we’re really going to bring in another Super Man character, who really wants Zod? I’ve got a better one… and you can read about it in my list of 10 characters we want to see in Injustice: Gods Among Us below. My number one rule is that I am trying to avoid Batman and Superman characters, as there are really enough already. I know that limits some pretty cool choices, but DC has plenty to work with. Check it out:



10. Static Shock – This game needs another black character, and other than the Green Lantern John Stewart and that Batman Inc clown, there really aren’t many good ones to choose from and Static Shock seems to be one of the most popular. Sure, I have some other ideas down below, but I think using electricity as a power in the game would be great. He’s got the look and even though his book got canceled, he’s certainly a more inspired choice than any of the three rumored.




9. Firestorm – In my mind, this one has the potential to have one of the cooler skins in the game. So in the New 52 line, both Ronnie Raymond and Jason Rusch find themselves in the roll of Firestorm and actually split into two Firestorms. It would be cool for them each to have their own skin, and even cooler to have a skin that phased in and out from the two variations of their new get-ups. Having fire as a power would be awesome, but making Firestorm even cooler is that he can basically control any element if he knows the structural makeup for the element. There is so much potential here.




8.  Swamp Thing РNow I am not a huge Swamp Thing fan, but I did watch the old TV show when I was a kid. With that said, Swampy made his big comeback at the end of Brightest Day, and now finds himself rolling with Justice League Dark. He may not be the most popular character on this list, but I think he looks awesome aesthetically and would add a new flavor to the game with some of his powers. Having a finisher where he grows out of the ground would be awesome. I just think from a gameplay perspective, he has a lot to offer to the game.




7. Constantine – As the leader of Justice League Dark, one of DC’s smash hits in the New 52, Constantine has gotten so popular, he’s been able to spin off into his own book. Plus, who wouldn’t want a Keanu Reeves skin? Coincidentally, yes, I realize that I have three members of Justice League Dark on this list. THAT’S BECAUSE IT IS AWESOME!




6. Black Manta – Aquaman’s biggest villain also happens to be pretty awesome, especially if you have followed the story in the New 52. His laser blast from his visor may not be that original, but at least it wouldn’t be that hard to write into the game code-wise. Much like Aquaman, I feel like Geoff Johns has done a great job reestablishing Black Manta during the New 52. This would go toward adding to his character development.




5. Zatanna -If I had my way, they would have traded Zatanna for Hawkgirl and you’d find Hawkman on this list since Carter Hall is so much more of a badass than his wife. Zatanna and her magic would be a nice addition to the game, kind of a ying to Raven’s yang. Yes, another Justice League Dark character. What do you think that tells you?




4. Darkseid – OK, I am breaking my no Batman/Superman rule for this. He’s in the game but he’s not in the game, and it just doesn’t feel right. I mean, Darkseid is almost as big a part of Superman as Lex Luther, right? I understand Lex is obviously Superman baddy #1, but Darkseid is a close #2, and having him in the most random location ever during a transition isn’t good enough. Darkseid looks even more badass than usual in the New 52 line and I understand why he didn’t make sense in the story Injustice: Gods Among Us tells, but as a simple DLC add-on? Yes please.




3. Martian Manhunter – He’s basically the only member of the true Justice League not represented. Sure, he floats around on the Watch Tower map, but come on! It would be cool if he had a power or move that let him morph into his opponent, or steal his move, or even morph into a skin of a character not in the game or even not on this list. Or how about if he mind controlled someone into attacking themselves? The possibilities are endless.




2.¬†Atrocitus – I realize we already have a Green Lantern/Yellow Lantern battle going on, but Atrocitus and the Red Lanterns are definitely the coolest of the bunch. His crew spit hate, literally and figuratively, and having rage be a power in a fighting video game would be epic. Like Firestorm, having a power revolving around fire is different from everything else going on in the game now, and that is a huge reason for having him so high (other than the fact that he rules). Spitting acidic blood would be awesome. Everything about Atrocitus is awesome. I’d have him as #1 on my list if not for the fact that I think the next “gentleman” wouldn’t be so perfect from a gameplay perspective…




1. Larfleeze – He doesn’t have to make sense in the story, but Larfleeze to me is an amazing character that has some really awesome powers. Larfleeze is the only Orange Lantern, which makes sense since the emotion that orange exhibits on the emotional color spectrum is avarice. And oh boy, is Larfleeze one greedy son of a bitch. His favorite word is mine and he consumes everything he wants. When he wants to add to his “Orange Lanterns,” he literally consumes his target, effectively killing them and stealing their shape and will for his cause. It would be awesome having him throwing his minion constructs at opponents and if the game still had fatalities, being able to consume someone like Superman and having them spit out as orange constructs.

What do you think?

2 May 2013 Game Reviews Gaming