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A Complete Google Music Guide

The Google Music announcement yesterday has the internet going nuts and probably has Apple shaking in their space boots. It was a lot to take in so we have a guide to help you get familiar with the Google Music service and some tips to make the best out of it.


Google Music allows you to stream 20,000 songs to your devices for free. You’ll have the ability to access your music from any web browser, the android app, and even via the ios webapp.

Music Store

You can purchase music from either the Android Market on your phone, or from the new web store. Google’s partnered with the big 3 record but still haven’t reached an agreement with Warner. So if your looking for Wiz Khalifa or Gucci Mane songs, I’m sorry to disappoint you. Single tracks cost about the same as iTunes. A full album is between $9.49 or $10.99. A great feature Google Music has is all the tracks have 90 second previews and are downloadable in 320kbps mp3 format. They also have a “free song of the day” each day as well.

Google +

The music store also has some Google + features. When you buy a song, you can share that song on Google+ with your circles. When you do that, they can listen to that entire track for free. Bought an entire album, they’ll be able to listen through the album once free.

Google Music Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Space bar to play/pause
  • Right/left arrows for next/previous songs
  • Shift+ right/left arrows to seek forward and backward in the song (like fast forward/rewind
  • / to focus the search box
  • p to create a new playlist
  • i to make an instant mix from the current song

17 November 2011 Tech ,