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Anime YouTuber Charged For Murdering His Family

Tragic news has surfaced today of a guy who murdered his parents and brother. Trey Eric Sessler, otherwise known as LensCapProductions on YouTube, has been charged with capital murder for the deaths of his mother, father and brother this past Wednesday. Sessler, dubbed “Mr. Anime” on YouTube was one of the early vets of the video sharing site, signing up in 2006 and giving his impressions on reviews on various anime. Since signing up to the site he has done hundreds of videos with his most recent video–a week old–being about him having 2 new jobs.

His final message on YouTube reads:

I’ll be around making vids here for a long time. Please support LensCapProductions and thanks for supporting me through all these years. Also continue to click my google advertismen…well, I can’t say that but you all know what do you *wink* *wink*, thanks.

Posted shortly before his last video on the site.

What’s worse is, investigators found out that Sessler and a former highschool friend were planning a Columbine-like attack on Waller High School. Apparently he had started to get an obsession with the Colorado tragedy that saw 12 students and a teacher die.

My thoughts on this whole matter is that I have no idea what the person is outside of the videos we see, but from what I gather is that this kid was pretty boring. From those that I know that knew him, say he was pretty reserved, but to honest most folks I know that watch Anime come across that way. Speaking of which, I don’t think Anime is to be blamed by this. I think that this kid was a lunatic. Sure we all have our bad moments in life, but murdering someone because of them isn’t the answer–especially your family, dickhead!

More news details on this case can be found here or if you want an exaggerated version which insinuates anime as the cause, go here.

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  • JonathanStoffregen

    some people are insane…like me  >:D

    • RedQueen

       @JonathanStoffregen Ahhhhhhh! Someone needs to stop you!

    • RedQueen

       @JonathanStoffregen Ahhhhhhh! Someone needs to stop you!