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Reunited – The Hype Returns

The Video Game industry is a tough place to try and make it. Years ago we set out to make gaming more accessible to “urban gamers”. It’s been a long bumpy road but I feel like we were successful in creating that voice. The past couple of years has been hectic for the Hype Family, from some moving on from gaming to bigger and better things to huge life changes. I for one got married and moved to Tokyo. Life kinda comes at you fast and through all that we neglected the site completely. Today I want to say sorry and that we’re coming back with a new focus. A focus on new podcasts, more videos and a better mobile experience. I’ll be working on the site in real time so please pardon the dust.

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Free Destiny Official Digital eGuide

I have a code here for you to get a free Destiny: Official Digital eGuide. You know you need the help! So share this to any of your friends you know need some assistance.

Use code HMNR-NQD9-D8U8-FTAV at

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Will Destiny Flop? – Comment Wars

Destiny is looking to be one of the most expensive games ever to make. A lot is riding on the tonights Destiny release. With review embargo being lifted after the game launches and a level 20 level cap, some gamers are concerned. Wally was asked if Destiny will flop and drops his opinion on if it will or not. Β Hit the comments with what you think.

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How to Transfer a World From Minecraft on Xbox 360 to Xbox One

Making the transition from Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition to Xbox One can be a confusing process. Fear not young crafter! Jayshockblast shows you how to transfer your Minecraft world on Xbox 360 to Xbox One. Peep the technique in the video above!

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NBA 2K15 Soundtrack Produced By Pharrell Williams – Spotify Playlist

New year and a new soundtrack! Pharrell Williams is having a crazy year but its definitely getting better. Pharrell has been picked up by 2K Sports to curate and produce the NBA 2K15 soundtrack. As you may already know, Pharrell has an eclectic ear and you’ll notice it quickly when you take a listen.

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Chapter 1 & 2 Lego Marvel Super Heroes Co Op

Every weekend I’ll be tackling a new cooperative game with my sister. This past weekend we kicked things off with Lego Marvel Super Heroes on the Xbox One. We had an hour of awesome commentary but unfortunately I forgot to press the button to record our audio πŸ™ Next weekends edition will have commentary but for now enjoy the first 2 missions of Lego Marvel Super Heroes.

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All The Destiny Collector Card Codes Are Here!

Your boy is back! I’ve been collecting these Destiny Collector Cards and today I’ve finally found out what the collector cards give in game!

Check below for all the Destiny Collector Codes

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Destiny Live Action Trailer – Become Legend

Bungie channels its best Guardian’s of the Galaxy impression for a brand new live action trailer for Destiny. The trailer was made by the same guys who made the movie Oblivion and it looks great! I wouldn’t mind a Destiny live action movie after seeing this and I wouldn’t mind if Tuesday was here already!

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