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Battlefield 3: End Game DLC Brings Capture The Flag To Battlefield 3


Redundant title is redundant? Hey, what can I say? I’m just excited to be posting my second Battlefield 3 story in as many days. We told you about Air Superiority yesterday, and now today we have word (and video!) that Capture The Flag is another game mode coming to Battlefield 3 with the final DLC Pack titled End Game. I’ve never been a big capture the flag fan, but this looks pretty cool. I am also in awe of the new Humvee style vehicle with rocket launchers that can lock on to helicopters. That looks like it will be fun! At the end of the video, there is a teaser for Air Superiority. DICE has said they have a second video they will be launching later today, which sounds like it would be a great opportunity to post story three in two days! End Game is set for March of 2013.

31 January 2013 Gaming Trailers ,