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Battlefield 4 Dog Tags Pre-Order Bonus from Gamestop Hands-On


Gamestop is offering a pretty cool incentive to pre-order Battlefield 4 through them, so if you want to snag yourself a pretty cool piece of Battlefield swag, you may want to act fast. Pictured above and in the video below you will find a sweet set of dog tags that are being given away by local Gamestops when you throw $5 down to pre-order Battlefield 4 on the format of your choosing. Supplies are limited, and you can cancel for your money back at any time. I’ve heard each store has about 40. Shout-out to our friend Bill for the heads-up. We’ll be talking a lot about Battlefield 4 later today when we have a sweet round table discussion with Team iCoNiC. Expect that video soon. For now, be on the lookout for these dog tags at your local Gamestop. Battlefield 4 is set to be released Fall 2013.


27 March 2013 Collectibles Gaming , , , , ,

  • Kevin Lee Myers

    Way to not even mention or show the code that was included inside the pack with it, jackass. For all those out there wondering what it is, you also get a code for the Premium Expansion Pack in the pack with the dog tags. This guys isn’t very through.