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Borderlands 2 Gearbox Community Day 2013 Heads And Skin Pack Preview


Gearbox is throwing their annual Community Day today in Dallas, Texas. The event is open to fans in the area and will also be streamed online via Twitch here. Attendees at the event will receive a special community day package which will include access to a future Gearbox beta, a download of Homeworld HD & Classic and most importantly to me, a Shift Code that will added an extra skin and head for each of the six Vault Hunters in Borderlands 2. The package has been made available to those unable to be in attendance as well, as you can purchase the package online for $19.99 here. The package also provides the buyer with an HD stream of the event via Twitch.

So I obviously threw down my 20 duckets for the package and I have to say, I am pretty happy with the Borderlands 2 part of the package. In the past, I feel like Gearbox has simply messed around with the color selection on the standard outfits for each character when they were creating new skins, but this time the skins feel just different enough with some extra details to make them feel completely different. The only head I don’t really like is Maya’s. Together, all six heads and skins take on a wild west theme and feel, which makes sense considering Gearbox’s Texas roots. Below you will find videos of me trying not to fall asleep while showing off the skins and heads for each character. I have heard rumors that these are dropping in game around the starting area, but have not confirmed it myself. In any event, check them out below:







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