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Bridging The Gap – Latino heat

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Latin music es muy caliente ahora! It is nearly impossible to turn on your radio and not hear a song
inspired by the Latin culture. From the pulsating rhythms to a language so exotic we don’t even care
what they are saying. Growing up in Miami, Latin music is the norm, and with that knowledge, let me
introduce you to a band that is near and dear to my heart.

Calle 13

My favorite Latin band of all time! This Puerto-Rican group is not your typical reggaeton artsist, and you
really should not even pin them down to just one genre. The music is quite eclectic neing influenced by
world music, hip-hop, pop and more. I feel in love with them their song Atrevete te te back in the day
and now they are preparing to drop their new album this month.

Some of you are probably saying, who cares? I am telling you should care! Let me paint a picture for you.
You’re in a darkly lit room, latin music is playing, women are winding up their hips to the beat and there
are men right behind them joining in on the dance. Who wouldn’t want to join in on that fun? If you
want to take your fun from the club to the next level, head to Hispanicize 2013 “Biggest Night in Music”
Thursday, April 11, 2013, at the New World Center of Miami Beach. There will be indie groups and artist
for you to enjoy. Perfect precursor to a spicy Latin filled night! Let me know who your favorite Latin
artists or groups are!

Content provided by my partner, Target.

7 April 2013 Music