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AH Blog: I’m A Walker

What’s up my peoples? If you guys don’t know who I am by now then keep speculating. For the others that do, then this is my attempt to revive a blog post of what I’ve been up to. So the breakdown: I’ll try to touch on Anime, Gaming, Honeys, Lifestyle, Movies, Music & Tech. First of though, the Anime I’ve been watching. (more…)

3 November 2011 AnimeHype  Features  Gaming  Honeys  Lifestyle  Movies  Music  Tech Read more

Draya Michelle. Is Anymore Really Needed?

One of the bombest video vixens showing why cats regard her highly. I was going to say something about the color scheme but seriously, damn that!

15 October 2011 Honeys Read more

Kim Kardashian Spotted in New York

That is all there is to know about that. Look at how gorgeous she is, though. It’s a shame you need to have looks in life to make it. Kim Kardashian would beg to differ, though.

16 September 2011 Honeys Read more

Ciara Looking Cute As Hell Outside Hotel In New York

Don’t you just admire the beauty? Am I reaching? Who cares, though, she looks really nice here. Spotted outside a hotel in New York, Ciara looked like she just killed someone with that red dress on. I’m not really into tall women but I’m into Ciara. So should you!

13 September 2011 Honeys Read more

Daphne Joy Looking Fine For 50’s SmS

A poster for 50 cent’s SmS audio headphones was released with his girl/model posing with them on. She looks mighty fine might I add. I’m going to get me a pair just because of this pic. Don’t judge me!

5 September 2011 Honeys  Tech Read more

Photo Of The Day – 7/25/2011

This photo contains all my guilty pleasures. Video games, technology, POM juice and beautiful Asian women.

25 July 2011 Honeys Read more

How much would you rate Tahiry out of 10?

Yup, there’s not much I can say either, but I aint trying to influence your votes! She was infamous for her on and off fued with rapper ex-boyfriend, Joe Budden on his JoeBuddenTV youtube series.

30 June 2011 Honeys  Videos Read more