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Hand of Fate is the Card Game I’ve Waited My Whole Life for

Hand of Fate

Since the early Yu-Gi-Oh days, I’ve always wanted to play a card game where you battled with the monsters the cards represented and not just the cards themselves. Unfortunately, there was never really a game that presented this premise that caught my interest. (more…)

12 November 2013 Gaming  PC Gaming  Videos Read more

Ubisoft Walkthrough Shows off the Co-Op Elements of Child of Light

Child of Light

In Ubisoft’s latest video, Brianna Code who is the Lead Programmer behind Child of Light takes us through a short walkthrough of the game. In the video, Brianna shows off the game’s quest system, combat, puzzles, and how co-op will work. (more…)

12 November 2013 Gaming  Nintendo WiiU  PC Gaming  PlayStation 3  Playstation 4  PSN  Xbox 360  Xbox Live Arcade  Xbox One Read more

For Honour, Family, and Pizza? Hands-On with Ninja Pizza Girl

Ninja Pizza Girl Jump Resize

In Ninja Pizza Girl you play as Gemma, a pizza delivery girl who’s been hitting the ninjitsu books. Gemma’s family owns a pizza stand where Gemma is tasked with delivering pizza to the hungry customers of the city! Of course, that would be easy…if it weren’t for the obstacles that stand in your way. In essence, Ninja Pizza Girl is a side scrolling Mirror’s Edge if Faith traded in her messenger bag for a pizza bag and that’s fantastic. (more…)

8 November 2013 Gaming  Mobile Gaming  Nintendo WiiU  PC Gaming  Playstation 4  Playstation Vita  PSN  Xbox One Read more

Review: Divekick

Divekick Dr. Shoals VS Kung Pao

Iron Galaxy’s fighter Divekick has entered the ring. The game sports a very unconventional fighting system that keeps you on your toes but is Divekick a worthy of your time and money? Dive into our review to find out. (more…)

7 November 2013 Game Reviews  Gaming  PC Gaming  PlayStation 3  Playstation Vita  PSN Read more

Final Exam’s Launch Trailer Packs a Punch

final_exam-09 Resize

Final Exam, Mighty Rocket’s 2.5D action sidescroller is now available on the PS3 and PC. I had the chance to try out the first chapter of the game last week and while the framerate occasionally dropped on my laptop, the game was still a lot of fun. (more…)

5 November 2013 Gaming  PC Gaming  PlayStation 3  PSN  Xbox 360  Xbox Live Arcade Read more

How to Enable DualShock 4 Support with PC Games

DualShock 4 on PC Resize

So it’s November 2nd and by now, you’ve probably heard that you can pick up a DualShock 4. In my last article, I showed you how to pair you DualShock 4 with your PC, well now it’s time to get it working with some games.  (more…)

2 November 2013 Gaming  PC Gaming  Playstation 4 Read more

How to Pair Your DualShock 4 with a PC

DualShock 4 on PC Resize

With just two weeks until the launch of the PlayStation 4, stores have begun selling the DualShock 4 so naturally, I had to get my hands on one. After receiving my controller from Amazon, I went right to work on pairing it with my PC so I could use it to play some PC games. Lucky for us, Sony has made it incredibly easy to get the controller up and running with your PC. Join me after the jump for the simple process. (more…)

31 October 2013 Gaming  PC Gaming  Playstation 4 Read more

The Walking Dead Season Two Revealed

ClementineShed Resize

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for — Telltale Games has finally pulled back the curtain on the second season of their The Walking Dead series. This season picks up after the heart wrenching events of the previous season with Clementine being the main character. If you haven’t played it already, you should probably catch up because The Walking Dead Season 2 will be available PC, Mac, home consoles, and iOS later this year! Jump below to view the trailer.  (more…)

29 October 2013 Gaming  Mac  Mobile Gaming  PC Gaming  PlayStation 3  PSN  Xbox Live  Xbox Live Arcade Read more

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