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Disney Infinity Gets a New Name on the 3DS; Could Include Star Wars Play-Set


The Force might be coming to the Disney Infinity universe. If the recent rating for the 3DS version of Disney Infinity, Disney Infinity: Toy Box Challenge, is correct, then not only will this version be a departure from what will be found on other platforms, but it could also indicate the presence of Star Wars characters and play sets in Disney Infinity’s future. 


The ESRB rating mentions “blasters” alongside various other weapons that will be used to eliminate boss characters or other enemies such as droids, the popular robots seen in the Star Wars universe. Interestingly enough, the website shows no mention of the Disney Infinity on the other consoles, implying that features and ratings have yet to be sorted out on that front. Whatever the case may be, seeing Star Wars and Disney characters crossover would certainly make for an interesting game.


25 April 2013 Gaming Nintendo 3DS