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Final Thoughts On The Destiny Beta

Final Thoughts On The Destiny Beta

The Destiny Beta was a success or so claims Bungie. I have to agree with them. The Destiny beta proved to me that Destiny is a game to definitely keep our eyes on it. I enjoyed spending countless hours exploring the maps and racking up vanguard points. There were so moments of frustration though.

I don’t like the fact that campaign, explore and strikes are only 3 player co-op. A game that is supposed to be about working together a 4 player story should be the goal. I can understand if it breaks the story but at least let us have more than 3 people on explore. With clans and groups being made, explore is a great place to take your clan to hone skills and explore as a team.

That was my main gripe about the beta but like I said, I’m very excited to get my hands on the full game. Let me know what you guys thought about the beta and if you’re ready to head out to the tower.

29 July 2014 Gaming Gaming ,