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First Look: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning DLC 1 & 2

UPDATE: The videos have been deleted from the YouTube user’s account, we are currently looking for an alternative way of providing them to you. Thank you for your patience.

It looks like we finally have our first glimpse at what seems to be the first two pieces of DLC for BigHugeGames’ Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

This DLC has me both elated and confused. On one hand, the DLC does seem to be very interesting in the way that it lays the foundation for Copernicus, the MMO tie-in set thousands of years after Reckoning, that is being developed by 38 Studios. While this is good in that it provides the player with more content and seems to expand the world of Amalur, I can’t help but feel confused. Curt Schilling stated that the DLC included on Reckoning‘s online pass was the first DLC that was mentioned in his interview with Final Score 76, but here we are looking at what can only be presumed to be the two pieces of DLC he was talking about. Oh well, I suppose as the release of DLC 1 and 2 approaches, we will find out more about this mystery.


DLC 1 seems to take the Fateless One (the player)  into the Sea of Secrets, a place riddled with many “spooky stories” that travelers tended to avoid. There is said to be “whispers of the gods” within the “ephemeral, shifting light”, called the Southern Glimmer, that blanketed itself over the Sea of Secrets.

DLC 2 by jwk94

The opening cinematic for DLC 2 seems to cover the “Kollossae Rising” that took place during Amalur’s Age of Arcana. From what I gather, it will introduce players to Idylla, the mystical floating city that owes its ascension to the Kollossae.

The Kollossae are the remnants of a “clan of hill giants called the Mairu” whom “transformed their culture based around a devotion to the goddess Ethene. With the dawn of the Age of Arcana, the Kollossae found themselves able to harness the powers of “arcane power”. As time progressed, the Kollossae’s newly found powers transformed their appearance from giants into a more “regal and noble appearance” that resembled the likes of Ethene.

Their rise to power and desire to open themselves to the rest of the kingdoms of Amalur was met with rebellion from the more primitive giants. The giants revolted, forcing what remained of the Kollossae across the Baleful Sea and to the Teeth of Naros. Several years after settling in the Teeth of Naros, the Kollossae built Idylla and began their journey to “becoming one of the great kingdoms of Amalur”.

Credit goes to the NeoGaf users “abundant” for bringing the cinematics to my attention and “Ethereal Ardor” for providing the links to the lore for DLC 1 & 2, and the YouTube user AmalurNews for providing the videos.

[DLC 1 Lore]

[DLC 2 Lore]

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