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Former Wipeout Vets Announce Men’s Room Mayhem for the Vita and Mobile Devices


We finally have our first look at what some of the team behind the popular racing series, Wipeout has been up to since they banded together and formed Sawfly Studios. With the help of Ripstone Games, Sawfly Studios brings us their first game, Men’s Room Mayhem, a game about…peeing in urinals.

Men’s Room Mayhem puts you in the role of the Janitorial staff of a men’s room. In this role, you’re required to guide the men to their destination, all while maintaining men’s room etiquette. The game sounds quite silly and is certainly a surprise coming from the ex-Liverpool guys, nevertheless it will be interesting to get our hands dirty (or clean?) with this game.

Men’s Room Mayhem will be available on the PlayStation Vita, ¬†iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android devices soon.¬†

2 May 2013 Gaming Mobile Gaming Playstation Vita PSN ,