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Forza Motorsport 5 Coming 2013; Horizon and Motorsport Are “2 Different Games”

Microsoft France is on the roll this weekend! First we had the leaked teaser “trailer” for Forza Horizon, then this morning Microsoft confirmed that the trailer is real, and we’ll receive more information. Well, Microsoft has another Forza-related announcement for you today! Fans of Forza Motorsport will be happy to know that Forza Motorsport 5 will be coming in 2013 as stated by Sebull of Microsoft France. Sebull has also elaborated upon something that fans may have wondered. The recently unveiled Forza Horizon and Forza Motorsport are “two different games” that are split between two development teams; Playground and Turn10 respectively. Motorsport will remain on an “every-two-years release schedule” as it has since the beginning of the franchise.

By handing the development of Horizon to Playground–a developer composed of talents from a range of studios: TOCA, GRID, Codemasters–it seems that Microsoft aims to have a new Forza title released every year, without making the sacrifices that are commonly seen in yearly franchises handled by one developer. In regards to the Horizon “trailer”, Sebull reassured fans that “this is not a game trailer” but instead a “simple video showing the FH universe and there is not much to see.”

Microsoft’s handling of the Forza franchise has been quite smart thus far. Providing fans with a game every year, while still retaining the quality that Forza is known for will prove to be great for longtime fans of the series that might have been worried about Forza’s yearly status. Horizon will be officially unveiled tomorrow during GDC 2012, until then, game on!

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