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Give Life To T.O.M. Once More By Tweeting #BringBackToonami

Children of the 90s, and early 2000 you remember Toonami right? Of course you do! For some of us, Toonami introduced us to our first anime whether it was Dragonball Z, Sailor Moon, or even Ronin Warriors.

As the years passed, Cartoon Network began to neglect its arguably most popular block on the network, hosted by the inspirational T.O.M. what was once a haven for anime lovers dwindled into the depths of the Cartoon Network lineup, going from a weekday airing, to a measly Saturday-only airing. Needless to say, Toonami started to die, and on September 20, 2008 T.O.M. 4.0 delivered his farewell speech and departed, leaving a hole in the hearts of many. Since then, many petitions have been erected with the sole purpose of bringing back Toonami, sadly those petitions failed, but Cartoon Network was watching.

April 1, 2012 marked the night that Toonami made its triumphant return to Cartoon Network, it began its broadcast with the hit anime Bleach, followed by some of the most popular animes from Toonami’s past – DBZ, Trigun, Tenchi Muyo and more – but sadly the broadcast ended without word of whether or not Toonami was finally returning.

Now, today, April 2, 2012, Adult Swim has given fans the chance to bring back Toonami, by tweeting #BringBackToonami you can save Toonami, it’s already trending in the United States. The movement starts now, with luck, Adult Swim will fire up the Absolution, once more and send T.O.M. and our favorite anime, both new and old, into orbit every Saturday night. So to cut to the chase, even if you’re not a fan of anime, Toonami, or cartoons in general, help us by tweeting #BringBackToonami, thank you.

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    @Sondoman I think Galm just has a Steve Blum fetish…

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