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Gravity Rush’s DLC Priced and Dated

My most anticipated Vita title, Gravity Rush, launches this week and as such, the PS Blog has been updated with new information regarding the DLC plan for this wonderful title. Gravity Rush follows the story of our heroine amnisiac, Kat, as she embarks on a perilous journey to save Hekseville from the Nevi after being endowed with special powers that grant her the ability to manipulate the forces of Gravity. As such, a large part of Gravity Rush’s gameplay will involve the player fiddling with gravity to favor their situation. You’ll see yourself Gravity Kick your way to victory, slide from place to place, and float about! Gravity Rush’s launch trailer can be found above while the DLC details and pricing can be found below!

Military DLC Pack

  • Available Day-one if you purchase Gravity Rush from the PlayStation Store before June 19, 2012.
  • Available for $3.99 starting July 24, 2012 for all PSN users that didn’t purchase before the cut-off date.
  • Gives Kat a new military outfit while also unlocking two new side missions as well as two new challenges.

Spy DLC Pack

  • Available on June  26, 2012 for $3.99
  • Unlocks Kat’s sleek spy uniform, two new side missions, and two new challenges.

Maid DLC Pack

  • Available July 24, 2012 for $3.99
  • Unlocks Kat’s maid outfit, two new side missions, and two new challenges.

12 June 2012 Gaming Playstation Vita PSN