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Hands On The Fresh New Features In iTunes 11

iTunes happens to be unpopular to the general public, despite the cries from the absolute most faithful Apple followers but with the newest version of iTunes here it might just changed everyone’s mind. iTunes 11 has made major strides to to become your one stop media management software. Check out the newest features included in this apple power house.

Swagged Out Interface

Apple went ahead upgraded the dated interface of iTunes by hiding that ugly right bar. iTunes, Library and device are now located at the top menu for easy switching. For all my power users, we can still use the keyboard shortcuts to get everything moving and grooving. The key to the latest update is the heavy iCloud integration.

iCloud Integration

If you want to sync everything you bought with iTunes across various Apple products over iCloud, you can head to the application’s ‘Preferences’ selection, hit ‘Store’ and choose all the things you want to sync. Another great feature on iTunes 11 is the ability to obtain personal audio documents from iCloud.


With iTunes 11, managing your playlists is simpler and much more sleek than before. Merely drop a track in your collection towards the right of the display, and all of your playlists may instantly come into view, allowing the file to be dropped by you into the preferred playlist immediately.

Up Next

Up Next is a fresh new feature launched that’s a mixture of playback history ¬†and a Now Playing’ feature. Lets say you’re jamming to some tunes from a playlist, Up Next gets filled instantly with appropriate tracks. You can add tracks manually as well.


iTunes 11 Mini Player

The iTunes 11 mini player gets a complete overhaul. The min player now has a brand new search bar which has to be extremely easy to use and looks great.

There are a few more great features but we would rather hear from you guys and see what you love most from the new iTunes 11.

16 December 2012 Tech ,

  • Apple should just leave the music downloading thing like the maps feature to other companies. They must admit that they’re no good in doing this thing.