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For Honour, Family, and Pizza? Hands-On with Ninja Pizza Girl

Ninja Pizza Girl Jump Resize

In Ninja Pizza Girl you play as Gemma, a pizza delivery girl who’s been hitting the ninjitsu books. Gemma’s family owns a pizza stand where Gemma is tasked with delivering pizza to the hungry customers of the city! Of course, that would be easy…if it weren’t for the obstacles that stand in your way. In essence, Ninja Pizza Girl is a side scrolling Mirror’s Edge if Faith traded in her messenger bag for a pizza bag and that’s fantastic.

The game starts out with a simple introduction to the story, telling you who you are and what your objective is, from there it switches to the family discussing Gemma’s upcoming delivery. Cutscenes in Ninja Pizza Girl are like comics with the characters words displayed in speech bubbles next to their portrait. It’s a nice touch, although it would be interesting to see who would be chosen as Voice Actors/Actresses if this game had a full voiceover.

After a brief discussion, Gemma is sent off to deliver her pizza to the customer, giving you control over her. The first thing I noticed while playing was that Gemma appeared to glide a bit when moving. In addition to gliding, her character model never fully touches the ground. For a game that is only three months into development, this isn’t a monumental issue, but it’s definitely something to take note of.

Ninja Pizza Girl’s gameplay sees Gemma running, jumping, and vaulting over various obstacles. Again, this really is like a 2D Mirror’s Edge. The level that I played took place in a dystopian future with plenty of pipes, boxes, and other things to show off Gemma’s ninja moves. What really intrigued me about Ninja Pizza Girl were the acrobatics. There are at least two ways to get to your destination. So for instance, you could take the high route, or drop down a level to avoid some enemies, or any combination of the two. If Gemma collides with the edge of a platform while in the air, she’ll actually grab onto it, hoist herself up, and vault over it. Although it might seem like a small detail, for those moments when you’re racing the clock it will matter.

Ninja Pizza Girl tackles combat in a rather humoristic way. When the game introduces you to other Ninjas and Gemma’s brother asks her why she can’t dispose of them using ninjitsu, she informs him that she learned everything she knows from Google. It seems that Google really does have everything you need these days. When approaching an enemy, pressing the jump button twice will make Gemma jump into the air before homing in on her target Sonic style. If you’re pressed for time, you could also crouch while running to trip your enemy so that you don’t lose any speed. Combat’s not a huge focus, but knowing you kicked some Ninja butt on your way to your hungry customer provides a satisfying feeling.

For a game that’s only three months into development, Ninja Pizza Girl shows ambition. From the beautiful art style of the dystopian future that Gemma and her family live in to the creative character models, Ninja Pizza Girl is shaping up to be a good game.

Ninja Pizza Girl is confirmed for iOS, Android, and PC. In an interview with Jason Stark of Disparity Games he informed me that they are talking to Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo about release Ninja Pizza Girl to each company’s next-generation systems, Vita included!


8 November 2013 Gaming Mobile Gaming Nintendo WiiU PC Gaming Playstation 4 Playstation Vita PSN Xbox One ,