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How To Stream Spotify To Your PS3

Finally Spotify has crossed over to the United States and invites are making the rounds to everybody. If you happen to have an invite to Spotify, I’ll show you how to take full advantage of the service with a trick to stream Spotify to your Playstation 3.

The following as far as I know only works on Windows OS. Also, try this at your own risk.

1. Install Spotify ( in case you already haven’t

2. DSbridge

a) Download ( to a temporary folder, for example “C:tmp”

b) Unzip “” in “C:tmp”

c) From “C:tmpbin” copy the two files “dsbridge.ini” and “dsound.dll”
to the Spotify folder (something like “C:Program Files (x86)Spotify”)

3. lame_enc.dll

a) Download ( to (for example) “C:tmp”

b) Unzip “”

c) Copy the file “lame_enc.dll” to the Spotify folder (something like “C:Program Files (x86)Spotify”)

4. Test that Spotify works with DSBridge

a) Start Spotify and play a song. You should now see, in the notification tray (Win XP) or in Show hidden icons (Win 7), a new round icon, blue or green in color:

b) If you see the round blue or green icon, things are OK, so proceed to step 5 below. Otherwise, goto step 4 c)

c) If you don’t see the round blue or green icon, there is a problem with Flash player (for more info, see,63319). The cure is to uninstall your current Flash and install an older version of Flash.

d) Download and run the uninstaller (it is not enough to uninstall from the control panel, because Flash locks the registry):

e) Download to (for example) “C:tmp” previous versions of Flash from

f) Unzip “”.

g) Goto “C:tmpfp10_archive10r45_2”

h) Run to install, the following 2 files: “flashplayer10r45_2_winax.exe”, “flashplayer10r45_2_win.exe”. Now you have installed the latest version 10,0,45,2 of Flash that works with Spotify/DSBridge.

i) Redo step 4 a) to verify that DSBridge works

5. ps3mediaserver

a) Download and install ps3mediaserver (

6. Configure ps3mediaserver for streaming Spotify to the ps3

a) Make sure ps3mediaserver is not running.

b) In the ps3mediaserver folder (something like “C:Program Files (x86)PS3 Media Server”), open the file “WEB.conf” in Notepad or a similar text editor. Under #shoutcasts, insert the following line of text

The result should look something this (part of the WEB.conf):

audiostream.Web,Radios=JET FM (French Radio),,

c) Save the file “WEB.conf”. Now, all is set for streaming Spotify to the PS3.

7. Stream Spotify to PS3

a) Start the PS3
b) Start Spotify and play a song or, preferably, queue several songs.
c) Start ps3mediaserver
d) On the PS3, goto the Music category, there you should see one entry “PS3 Media Server [your computer name]”
e) Select (by pressing the X button), “PS3 Media Server [your computer name]”, then select “Web”, then “Radios”, and finally select “Spotify [something]”.

Give it a few seconds and the stream should start up. If your in need of new music to add to your playlist, stay tuned to AnalogHype for our #MusicMonday Playlist.


18 July 2011 Tech ,

  • Thanks for this article, but this really looks like it’s too much trouble to worry with for me. Surely there has to be a simpler way?

  • DanBock

    I am not able to edit the WEB.conf file for Playstation Media Server. Is this the case for others as well?

  • @DanBock Hey, if this doesn’t work for you, try Jamcast. Link through my name has an article on it.

  • giannigreco

    I like spotify, but i find little help in my langage – i will have too read again and again, thank you for nice post

  • Spotify is really entertaining and fun! I use to have it but I can’t download it successfully . Is there any simple steps about it? Well, thanks for the great information.

  • CHN

    The steps below are working and you can stream Spotify over the PS3, but with a downgraded Flash player I can’t watch videos on facebook, so how to solve this then?

  • CHN

    The steps below are working and you can stream Spotify over the PS3 with no problems. But with a downgraded Flash player I can’t watch videos on facebook, so how to solve this then?

  • clockworkred443

     @israel.kendall can’t edit ps3 media servers web config

  • LanceGilbert

    Good how to.  There’s a couple points that diverged for my install.  Refer to and note: (a) the installation directory (in AppData) and (b) the lame encoder url and (c) the full pms config code “shoutcastsaudiostream.Web,Radio=Spotify,http://localhost:8124,“. [logo is nice for browsing on ps3]
    With this how to and the divergences listed above, I had mine up and running in a few minutes, works like a charm!

  • ply709

    Thanks for posting this. I only have one problem, i have the ‘Web’ folder on the ps3 but not the ‘Radio’. Any ideas on what might be wrong?

  • LanceGilbert

     -@ply709: the folders listed are defined in the web.conf file.  for example, in the config code listed below,
    audiostream.Web,Radio= … 
    the folder Radio, or any other folder of your choice, is created by entering it in the format: audiostream.Web,’folder name’=’enter url of stream’,’enter url of image’

  • spookysqueeek

     @clockworkred443 You have to run Notepad as admin. Go to your start menu, right click Notepad, click Run as Admin, then open WEB.conf.

  • Gemsjams

    @LanceGilbert thank you..  helped loads went to the refer link you posted.. explained much better and helped loads with no issues.. going to see if its worked in a sec xx

  • LanceGilbert

    @Gemsjams  @LanceGilbert you’re welcome! glad it helped!!

  • TimWorley1

    ok so theres no #shoutcasts so i created one but at the top it says only supports #audiostream #audiofeed ect. when i open PMS on my ps3 i can only see the C drive (local) D drive (recovery) and E drive (dvd) nothing about web or radio’s