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How to enter Cheat Codes in LEGO Lord of the Rings

The latest entry into the LEGO video game franchise is upon us and this time, we’re going mid-evil. LEGO Lord of the Rings is out now and in true LEGO video game form, there are cheat codes! This will be a constantly evolving list as more codes become available, but for now, here is a video of how to enter codes, along with a list of codes that are available now.


Bilbo Baggins: J4337V
Easterling: R7XKDH
Elrond (2nd Age): A9FB4Q
Gamling: AVJII1
Ringwraith White: LYQU1F
Madril: C19F3A
Shagrat: PJB6MV
Hama: 73HJP6
Mouth Of Sauron: F4M7FC
Ringwraith (Twilight): LYQU1F
Galadriel: 7B4VWH
Gondor Ranger: LG5GI7
Radagast The Brown: 5LV6EB
Eomer: U47AOG
King of the Dead: IH7E58
Denethor: RJV4KB
Grima Wormtongue: BU95CB
Lothlorien Elf: C2A58D
Berserker: UE5Z7H
Boromir (Captain): HTYADU
Lurtz (Newborn): QL28WB



Poo Studs: D49TXY
Disguises: MX26RJ
Boss Disguises: F3H14H
8-Bit Music: GD35HC
Studs x2: 1F5YH2
Quest Finder: EY4K32
Minikit Chest Finder: A24TVJ
Mithril Brick Finder: B72D7E
Character Studs: PR3V4K
Attract Studs: C7FJ7B
Action Assist: T1JM4R
Fast Build: A2LU58
Fall Rescue: WS68P2
Mithril Hearts: 2MCRDN
Regenerate Hearts: H5L6N6

13 November 2012 Cheat Codes Gaming ,