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How to unlock the Batman Beyond Skin in Injustice: Gods Among Us (And More!)


So Batman Beyond is insanely popular, right? How do I know? Because there was a Batman Beyond skin in Batman: Arkham City and I made a video on how to get it, and that video helped blow up my Youtube channel with almost 600,000 views.  So when I found out there was an Injustice: Gods Among Us game on iTunes and it was free AND you could unlock stuff within, I was all over it. The game itself is actually really cool and is a great way to kill time on your favorite iToy. Mine happens to be my iPad, and I have been rocking with it all week. There are actually four skins in which you can acquire through the game, but the one everyone is after is the Batman Beyond skin. The video below tells you how to get him as well as shows off how he looks. The details for all of the character skins you can acquire for your console/PC game by playing the iOS version of Injustice: Gods Among Us are below:

Batman Beyond: Obtain any Batman character card

Arkham Asylem/City Harley Quinn: Obtain any Joker character card

New 52 Green Lantern: Complete a Bonus Battle in Injustice mobile

Knightfall Bane: Rate the app in iTunes!

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