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Is iTunes Match Worth The Money?

iTunes Match released yesterday after a few delays but the biggest question on everybody’s mind is should they buy it. We plan to give you all the information you need to figure out if the $25 yearly subscription is worthy of your cash flow.


iTunes Match makes synchronization easy. It also makes a backup of all of your music, which is a great feature for those people with shady computers. You know the computers that crash every other day. iTunes Match is a pretty cheap service at only $25 a year. That’s less than $2.50 a month. Chump change!


So iTunes Match can keep your music synced across idevices, but it does have its issues. You’re not able to stream your music, you can only download and play as much of your matched collection as your computer or mobile device can hold. You don’t have the option of just streaming. This can be a big problem when you don’t want to download that Miley Cyrus song to your device just because want to listen to it. Shame!


iTunes Match is pretty much cloud storage for your music. If it was to integrate some of the features from Google Music and Spotify, it would be a killer app. If you already have a deep iTunes library I would suggest to back it up with iTunes match. If you’re not the biggest fan of iTunes, then iTunes Match is definitely not for you.


If you already subscribed to iTunes Match and have some thoughts, drop us a comment.


15 November 2011 Tech , ,

  • kmn

    Knowing Apple, this is just phase 1. The next stop is enabling you to stream music on your idevices.

  • Kaizin514

    I think one thing you forgot to mention is the fact that your lower quality songs are upgraded in quality when you put them through iTunes Match. To me, that alone is worth $25 a year, knowing those old CD rips I have at 128Kbps or lower are now going to be upgraded to a 256Kbps DRM free version, that’s very nice.

  • AshleyClarke

    I only have a small library of music, but around 300 songs (20% of library) of mine are over the 256Kbps so that means 20% of my music is being downgraded!