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List: 50 Hip Hop Confessions

I saw an awesome thread on a forum and thought I’d share some of my “hip hop” confessions with you all. I advise that these 50 points are bound to at least annoy one of you out there. At the same time I’m sure there’s some of you that may agree with me. We’re all going to be honest here. Click the jump for my confessions, no Usher.

  1. Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liqour was cool, but The Cool was my favourite album of his. The two tracks that were slated to be the first two singles of LASERS, I’m Beaming & Shining Down along with SLR, really had me hyped up for the record. However, LASERS sucked.
  2. Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle was the first rap album I ever listened to from beginning to end. Definitely one of the greatest albums ever. I used to listen to it whenever I would play FFVIII on the PSOne.
  3. Speaking of Snoop Dogg, 21st Jump Street is one of my favourite rap songs of all time.
  4. I think Lil B’s album I’m Gay was surprisingly good. This guy has an ear for good beats and song content.
  5. 2pac’s All Eyez On Me should’ve been one disc. I think disc one had better tracks than disc two.
  6. I hated whenever Too Short’s music videos would come on, on The Box cause he always would have women shaking their asses and I was too young to be allowed to look.
  7. I’m not actually looking forward to Detox at all.
  8. I think Kurupt is the most underrated rapper of all time.
  9. I prefer Styles P to Jadakiss. I’ve never rated Jadakiss at all. In fact, I like listening to Sheek Louch more.
  10. Busta Rhymes was my favourite rapper growing up. I used to love his music videos when he’d act silly.
  11. J Dilla is nice, but I think he’s overrated.
  12. I never got into 50 cent as much until I played his video game and his songs played in the background.
  13. I think Eazy E’s Real Compton and Ice Cube’s No Vaseline are on equal grounds with Nas’ Ether.
  14. I stole the cassette tape of Jay-Z’s MTV Unplugged album when I went Saudi Arabia. I’ve been a fan ever since.
  15. I’m a big fan of Jay Electronica but with every instagram and twitter post he makes, I get pissed off more and more. He needs to release some music. 1 single in 4 years? Anyway, Exhibit A and C are some of the greatest rap songs you’ll ever hear.
  16. I had that Drake phase when So Far Gone was released. I’m sorry.
  17. I can’t listen to back to back J Cole songs. He annoys me so much.
  18. I think Elzhi is one of the most talented lyricists.
  19. Blu and Exile make magic.
  20. I was mad late to the whole Slum Village and Little Brother movements.
  21. KRS One has always intrigued me and his music too. I only recently started listening to his music.
  22. Common is so boring.
  23. 808s and Heartbreaks was a dope Kanye album.
  24. Kanye’s music felt so colourful when he first came out.
  25. Young Buck was my favourite G Unit member with Tony Yayo being a close second.
  26. My favourite Wu Tang member is Inspector Deck, but I feel Capadonna has the best verses on most of his features.
  27. DMX is an exceptional artist in my opinion.
  28. I hate when Big Krit does those country tracks. It really ruins the vibe for me when I listen to a good track on his album or mixtape and it’s followed up by some deep south songs.
  29. Erick Sermon was my favourite rapper at one point.
  30. I think Madlib is amazing.
  31. I think Nas’ Untitled is a classic.
  32. I liked Ready To Die more than Life After Death.
  33. I think Eminem is one of the greatest rappers of all time and that he’s lyrically getting better. However his sound is getting annoying. He shouts on the beat.
  34. I used to like Wale when I first heard Attention Deficit. I think Wale is the biggest cornball nowadays.
  35. Phonte is an amazing rapper and singer.
  36. Black Thought and The Roots are among the greatest musicians to ever grace hip hop.
  37. I think Nicki Minaj is ruining Hip Hop’s culture.
  38. “There’s a war going on outside no man is safe from, you can run but you cant hide forever” is my favourite quotable from any rap track.
  39. In primary school, we recorded Eminem’s Slim Shady LP over an Audiobook the teachers gave us and lied we were listening to it. 4 of us plugged headphones into the tape player and listened to the album.
  40. I really dislike Chamillionaire, Twista, Nelly, JD and Chingy.
  41. I thought Master P was dope when I first heard my brother play his Ghetto D album.
  42. I prefer lyrics first, then a dope beat.
  43. I prefer when Rick Ross was just making records and wasn’t on the forefront of all these rap discussions. I think Port of Miami and Trilla were great albums.
  44. I always try to give Pusha T another chance with his music but I just think sucks straight up
  45. I think MF Doom is good but I’ve never listened to an album of his
  46. Scarface’s My Block was my favourite music video of all time
  47. I actually liked Tha Carter III
  48. G Unit’s Beg For Mercy was the only CD I ever owned for my CD player. It was so good at the time I felt like I didn’t need any other albums.
  49. I used to wear my pants backwards like Kris Kross
  50. A+ had two good albums. It’s a shame he’s the rapper everyone in the world forgot about.

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  • Sophie

    You forgot to mention Rakim, Mos Def, Talib K, Big L as well as many others. Had CLASSICS! I disagree with “Nicki destroying hip-hop” she might be contributing to it but, she is not at fault here. It’s the labels and record companies who, are trying to diversify hip-hop’s demographic. I also disagree with Pusha being garbage. 808’s and Heartbreaks was Kanye’s worst album are you serious? Dude just wasn’t putting in work on that album. Had a few hits but, was just garbage. Wale is definitely, not a cornball at ALL. Dude is talented LYRICALLY, as well as when it comes to freestyling. He’s one of the few talented, respectable, young rappers my generation has so CHILL. I agree with The Cool being Lupe’s best album. Too may good songs with meaning on that album.

  • Trever Wiebenga

    How is saying you like DMX a confession? Everyone knows he’s raw. Only artist to have 5 number one albums in a row

  • KennyFuckinPowers

    I thought this was a list of actual Hip Hop confessions from various artists not some dickhead who just started listening to it 5 yrs ago

  • I normally never post anything on articles like these but that top graphic, “This is hip-hop”, it’s not…entirely. For every great artist you name-drop, there’s at least an onslaught of cotton-candy crab rappers. I understand catering to a certain demographic that visits the site often, but I would have done a bit more research before making the list.

    Guru, Jeru the Damaja, Company Flow, Juggaknots, Black Moon, Mos Def, Scientifik, Charizma & PBW, Souls of Mischief, and Large Professor are examples of apt substitutes that would have given the list some clout. I’m not going to flame you like KennyFuckinPowers but he has a point, just brash and a bit misguided (no offense). Point is, if you’re going to make an article about a given topic, at least research, consult, ask and seek knowledge on the subject at hand.

    The only thing I give props to is giving Cappadonna the respect he deserves, his verses are too godlike!

    One other thing…Dilla is over-rated, Madlib is amazing but no love for Nujabes? DJ Premier? DJ Krush? Pete Rock? Showbiz? Lord Finesse?

    I can’t even find this post even somewhat credible.


    • UnbiasedBlackGuy

      It was his personal confessions. He’s a fan and has opinions that may not fit in with the norm. He doesn’t need to research to say how he feel. Maybe you should just learn how to read and actually comprehend something at the same time.