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Livefyre Battles: Exhibit A – Jay Electronica

Another week, another Livefyre Battle. Sidenote: I am the best! Anyway, it’s my turn to choose an instrumental and you best believe (UK terminology) that I’m going to go hard with the beat selection. I’m on my out of this world, Martian (don’t mistake me for tunechi), Mayan/Aztec flow. Very much like the God, Jay Electronica, I want to present you guys with the Exhibit A track to rap over. I just want to let it be known, that I don’t like any of you. So let’s go!

LiveFyre Battle will be a weekly event where we drop an instrumental for you to write your best bars to. Using the LiveFyre comment system, your able to be write and listen to the instrumental without missing a beat. You can battle others by replying to that persons post and they’ll be notified of your jab.

27 October 2011 Music , ,

  • DJKrome

    25 and staying alive, trying to get the hype buzzin like a beehiveblog hard, rewrites, late night street fightsdiss us and ya future won’t be bright

  • KhaLid

    Hustle hard like a rock between a car in a time of commotion, obstruction, corroding, destruction from a tsunami that was caused by the applause from my mic skills, aite for real, like when mike thrills i hype still with the dead from my grave i got skills.

  • Chazz Sweet

    flow so like cold fusion/ contusion level events, have you drift back to old movements/ dangerous as angel-dusted truants/ Illusive Man shadow puppet Shepherd render reincarnated souls useless/ megaton bomb comes harder than napalm firebombs with a squad of dimes on my arm/ two .50s apiece Picasso peace when they’re drawn/ still feel hunger of the beast when I’m on/ wolf in a man’s clothing fleece sheep when I’m on/ funky as the sanctimonious heap on your lawn/ truer than the wisdom on the fro of king don/ kingdom expansive as the bald spot of king dom/ deluise, see he got hella cheese/ i’m on the west coast so i seen hella trees/ big dog on the yard so you know i’ve seen hella fleas/ I ring bells and bang Belles cause I’m hella Beast…

  • seems pretty rad! not the worst video ever..

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