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Man VS Machine: The 1000 Player FPS

Have you ever wondered what 1000 players simultaneously playing an FPS would look like? Yeah, neither have I, but the guys behind the game Man VS Machine did.Yesterday, MuchDifferent, set out to make history by developing the first FPS where 1000 players partook in one battle. They missed their mark by one player, but the result is staggering nonetheless. Chaos erupts as man takes on the superior weapons and abilities of the machine empire, the battlefield erupts into a spectacle of blue and red lasers spotted by explosions from overhead fire. You know what? Just watch the video and tell us what you guys think.

30 January 2012 Gameplay Footage Gaming Videos

  • kmn

    That is amazing. It would be better if there was no respawn till the round was over. Great idea nonetheless and I hope to see this in future FPS games.

  • Incredible. If the map was bigger and actually had some obstacles, elevated areas, more cover, etc., I think it’d be fun. As cool as that looked, I think I’d get upset dying every other half minute because I’m always out in the open!