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Nintendo charges $0.50 to Register A Minor on the Nintendo Network

So you just got a Wii U, congratulations. Now it’s time to setup the brand new console for yourself, and any possible children you might have running around the house. Since Nintendo has come prepared this time around with a pretty good online infrastructure, it’s best to give Junior here his own Nintendo Network ID so he to can join in on all the fun. Wait, what’s this? They’re asking for your credit card info?

Yes, that’s right, Nintendo has implemented a rather surprising way of ensuring children are safe, or at least monitored on the Nintendo Network. If you’re registering a minor on the Nintendo Network, you’ll first be required to pay a one-time fee of $0.50 to ensure that you, a parent or guardian, authorized their access.

This is a rather intriguing way of preventing children from signing up to the Nintendo Network without their overseer’s permission, although they could just say they aren’t a minor. Either way, Nintendo’s shown that they still care about the little guys, and that’s all that really matters. For only $0.50 and the potential safety of your child, it’s certainly worth it.

Via: NeoGaf

18 November 2012 Gaming Nintendo WiiU