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Nvidia Unveils Project Shield – Wireless Android Gaming Device


Well now, how about that? An Android device that comes built into a sleek, console quality control that can play your Steam library? It looks like we may have a Playstation Vita killer, ladies and gentlemen (although they are doing a good job of that on theirown) and it comes from Nvidia. How can’t you trust Nvidia to make something like this? Already the makers of some of the best PC graphic cards on the market, Nvidia has announced their latest creation: Project Shield. Packed with a Tegra-4 chip and 5 inch LCD screen that flips down to cover a console-style control when not in use, the Project Shield device is capable of 720p (1280×720) resolution and can link up with your computer gaming library to play any game you own (as well as the Android library of games). No price on this bad boy quite yet, but it is scheduled to hit the US and Canada in Q2 of 2013, so we’ll keep you posted. You can find even more details here.

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  • PBX

    I hoped that it’s capable of 1080p. But it might be overkill for this.