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Exclusive – Honor & Realness – This Is War

Exclusive! I usually would get my Funkflex on with an explosive track like this, but I’m going to let this one breathe. The man Honor & Realness hooked us up proper with this exclusive that you can only hear right here on Analoghype! We definitely going to have to give this the video game mashup treatment! Check our Honor & Realness on Facebook and let him know how you feel about the track!

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Why Jason Moma might make Aquaman cool again

Many of us associate Batman with Christian Bale, as past generations have with Michael Keaton and/or Adam West. What’s interesting about our generation is the wrongful association with Aquaman being “that useless character from Justice Friends”. Although various media outlets like College Humor, or memes, or even shows like Family Guy and Robot Chicken have shown Aquaman to be a comically useless hero who’s only helpful with matters of the deep blue sea, that’s not the case at all. Yes, Aquaman does have powers that mainly focus with the deep and its inhabitants. However, he’s a foe that both heroes and villains alike respect and fear. He’s shows to be a powerful monarch as well as a force to be reckoned with, in battle as well as the Hall of Justice.
As of late last month, Twitter went viral with news of Jason Momoa, better known as Drogo from the hit series Game of Thrones being cast as Arthur Curry, better known as Aquaman. What struck many as an odd choice because of him lacking the ironic blond locks of Mr. Curry, as well as him not “looking like Aquaman”, it’s honestly a smart move. Momoa has portrayed many hardened characters such as Konan, Ronon Dex from Stargate: Atlantis, and most notably Drogo. It still isn’t certain what his role will be, given that there are rumors of him appearing in a future DC movie to even having his own Aquaman feature film. What is certain is that he will give a new spin on the way we see Aquaman and will give his mythos a revamp for a new generation.
Change isn’t necessarily a bad thing, only when it doesn’t add any particularly favorable aspects to one character. Momoa will add a gritty yet distinct flavor to the orange clad hero of the deep, as well as his origin story, which has changed over the years. From being banned from the sea because of his blonde hair to his mother being an Atlantian princess, there is an array of how they can handle this story. Momoa has a unique look and also possesses a sort of “beach” vibe which will add to how the sea life is incorporated into Curry’s storyline when realizing he’s actually an Atlantian, not from land. At the same time, if they go into the direction of introducing him in the future Superman film, having him already established as a superpowered hero from Atlantis isn’t so alien to Momoa, since Aquaman isn’t just a master of communicating with sea creatures. He’s also trained in the deadly arts of fighting, making Momoa a perfect candidate for an action packed adaptation to one of the most underrated super heroes in all of DC.

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Halo The Master Chief Collection RTX 2014 Preview

We get our first look at the Halo: Master Chief Collection at E3 2014 and it instantly looked like a must have. Thanks to RTX 2014, we got a new look at The Master Chief Collection in action. From menu designs to gameplay additions, it really looks like the ultimate fan service for Halo fans. You can check out the entire panel above but here are some the things I took from it.

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New Music – Cam’Ron 1st Of The Month Vol 1

Cam’Ron got some new heat for us. To hold us over until his collab album with A-Trak drops, we get the 1st of the Month Vol 1 EP. 5 tracks to remind you the pink ambassadar Killa Cam is still holding it down for New York and Hip Hop. You can check the music video for Funeral above and the entire EP below.

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Destiny Beta Launches July 17

Did you miss out on the Destiny Alpha? The folks at Bungie is opening up the Destiny Beta July 17 and has a bunch new content for you to partake in. Check out the beta schedule below and the beta trailer above!

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Guardians of the Galaxy 3D IMAX Preview Impressions

I have to be honest with you guys. Minus the trailers and some behind the scenes stuff I’ve seen on online, I really have no idea who the Guardians of the Galaxy are. The other Marvel studio movies where I know the characters and consider myself a fan, I am totally in the dark with Guardians of the Galaxy.

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Gaming & Comics: Is it still a man’s world?

The joke goes that there are two kinds of gamer girls: the attention seeking sexy type, and the seriously competitive type that shows no mercy. And why is that? In 2014 are female gamers still struggling to find acceptance amongst the gaming (and more rarely, the comic book/geek) community, or are they finding solace in a world that in previous years have shunned them.

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Music Monday – EA UFC Soundtrack

I’ve been busy working on knocking out fools in EA UFC. The game looks beautiful on the Xbox One and has a great soundtrack to go with it. The soundtrack crosses over several genres but has some standouts like the Imagine Dragons x Kendrick Lamar collaboration, Rick Ross and some Yo Gotti. I personally come out to that Yo Gotti on full blast but take a listen and let us know what you think.

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