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PROMO: Enter the MEN IN BLACK 3 DVD Sweepstakes and Try to Tweet Your Way to a Win

Men In Black 3 drops today on Blu-ray and DVD and the good folks at Complex are celebrating its release with a sweepstakes that gives you the chance to win some very cool swag. You can win a Hamilton Ventura watch, the official watch of the Men in Black. Its a dope looking watch, and you can win other stuff including a Playstation Vita, Playstation 3, and a copy of the game MIB: Alien Crisis. Check out the different ways you can enter. You can either:

– Tweet the link to buy the MEN IN BLACK 3 Blu-ray Combo Pack

– Tweet the trailer for MEN IN BLACK 3

– Simply tweet about the sweepstakes itself

Pick one or do them all! Click here to enter! 

30 November 2012 Entertainment ,