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Shocking Introduction: A First Look at Herd Mode in The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct



When word broke that there was going to be a first person shooter for The Walking Dead, I don’t think anyone was really surprised. The series is a smash hit on TV, in the comics and Telltales version of the video game was winning all kinds of awards. Enter Activision and boom, cookie cutter first person shooter it is. It hasn’t been a good month for terribly made cash-ins, as Aliens: Colonial Marine has left a sour taste in everyone’s mouth only to lead into this. Herd Mode was a Gamestop pre-order bonus and is basically your classic horde mode style gameplay. You start off in a small generic town and get attacked by waves of boring, generic zombies. If you run by them and are even within a pink of their hands, they will grab you and you go into this clunky, annoying stabby mode in which you have to hit the right trigger at the right time in order to stab the zombie in the head to kill them. There apparently is no way to push away, and you either do this until all the zombies are dead or until they kill you. It was cool for like the first two times it happened and then it got old real quick.

Below you will find literally the first 12 minutes of the game I ever played. What I found utterly fascinating about everything going on was that someone responsible for this rush job of a terrible game thought it would be cool to add some sort of sweat feature to the camera, and if you want a pleasant distraction from the bad game, feel free to try and figure out how you would be able to see sweat falling on your face the way it does on screen.

As a special bonus, let’s check out the first chapter of sorts of the single player campaign. If you thought the graphics were bad in that herd mode section… just wait, there’s more! I feel bad for Norman Reedus. I really do. So many people are probably excited to play this game as Daryl and all I can think of is that this makes War Z look good. At least I can make sarcastic videos and articles about it, I actually feel bad for the real The Walking Dead fans that will or want to buy this with the best intentions only to have their hearts ripped out. I can’t recommend this game, even for the $49.99 they are charging, unless you are a hardcore, massive and serious fan and can deal with things like poor graphics, cheesy dialogue and clunky gameplay mechanics. Taking that 50 spot and lighting it on fire may provide more entertainment. But hey, if the first video wasn’t enough, maybe the second one will be. The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct is in stores now.

19 March 2013 Gaming Shocking Introduction