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Shocking Introduction: A First Look at Krieg the Psycho in Borderlands 2


A new vault hunter has arrived into the wastelands of Pandora and his name is Krieg. It’s an exciting day for fans of Borderlands 2, as Krieg the Psycho is the sixth playable character for the game and adds a crazy new spin on the game. Krieg has a number of skills that reward fairly reckless gameplay and it makes for a pretty intense play style. His primary kill skill is a melee attack called Buzz Axe Rampage and during this attack, he does +500% melee damage and increased movement speed. Every kill you get while in Buzz Axe Rampage restores your health and taking damage while outside of it increases the regeneration speed of the skill. So basically, you get to play the game like your name is John fucking Rambo, guns blazing, with total disregard of everything going on around you. Eventually, there is a skill called Light the Fuse which will let you chuck explosives at enemies while you are in Fight For Your Life. So basically, you always want to be near death. Crazy, right?

There are three videos below. The first shows off the fact that Krieg is in fact available now, the second shows off some of his skins and heads, and the third shows off some gameplay. I’m only at a level 13 so far, so many of the better skills remain to be seen, so stay tune for more as I level up throughout the day. Krieg has been a lot of fun so far, and his bandit speak for banter is quite amusing as well. Krieg is not a part of the Season Pass, which is a sore spot for most, but a subject for another type. He is, however, $10 (800MSP) and is available now on Xbox Live, Playstation Network and Steam. Enjoy!

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