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Shocking Introduction: A First Look at the Crysis 3 Open Beta


We’re less than a month away from the release of Crysis 3, and as part of the lead-up to release, Crytek has dropped an open beta across all formats for your consideration. The beta features the Airport and Museum multiplayer maps with two different game modes. The first game mode is Hunter, which is basically Team Deathmatch. That one is self-explanatory. The second is called Crash Site, which is basically Headquarters from Call Of Duty. There is an alien pod that crash lands on the map and each side battles to capture it. Once captured, teams earn XP by staying within the pod area until either everyone dies or the opposing team captures the area.

For the video, I did two dry runs with just myself and an open map in the Crash Site format. The first thing I noticed was the fact that this is basically Crysis 2. The graphics are a bit better and there are some slight variations, but for all intent and purpose, there isn’t much different from Crysis 2. That is unfortunate, because I found the multiplayer in Crysis 2 to be pretty unenjoyable, mostly because of the cloaking. I have a feeling fans that enjoy both Halo and Call Of Duty will find a way to enjoy this, though. It’s built well and much more stable then Crysis 2 was at this point in the release cycle. I was part of a closed beta then, and it was pretty rough. I don’t see myself playing much of this, but I definitely can’t wait to get my hands on the campaign.

Crysis 3 is set to be released on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and the PC on February 19th, 2013.

29 January 2013 Gaming Shocking Introduction ,

  • SpencerThompson

    Man this looks like crap compared to the PC. Nice video tho.