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Shocking Introduction A First Look at the Mass Effect 3 Earth Multiplayer Expansion DLC

Three new maps have been added to the Co-Op experience in Mass Effect 3 as of today, and this time, the battle has come to Earth. Krome and I decided to take the battle to Firebase Rio, Firebase Vancouver and of course, made sure to save Khalid in Firebase London. I can definitely picture where in the game London and Vancouver maps were ported from, but I don’t remember being in Rio de Janeiro, so that may be a map actually designed for multiplayer and not ported.

There are also six new playable classes that can be unlocked in multiplayer, and they are: N7 Fury Adept, the N7 Paladin Sentinel, the N7 Destroy Soldier, the N7 Slayer Vanguard, the N7 Shadow Infiltrator and the N7 Demolisher Engineer. There are also three new unlockable weapons: the Typhoon light machine gun, Piranha assault shotgun and Acolyte pistol. They are all classified as rare, so good luck and happy hunting. Two elite Specter packs in and all I have is a silly Krogan.

Last but certainly not least, there is a new difficulty added for those of you who thought Gold was a cakewalk, as now you can go Platinum. Every time I went Gold, my crew would normally fall apart in round 10, so I can only imagine how Platinum will be. Check out all the video of the maps below. While I haven’t unlocked any of the new classes, I know some of the randoms Krome and I were playing with did.

Firebase Rio:

Firebase London:

Firebase Vancouver:

17 July 2012 Gaming Shocking Introduction ,

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