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Shocking Introduction: A First Look at the New Maps of Battlefield 3: Aftermath


The new expansion fore Battlefield 3 is available now on Playstation 3 for Battlefield Premium members, and it is called Aftermath. As we mentioned with the launch trailer earlier today, Aftermath is based off of the earthquakes that hit Iran during the single player campaign of Battlefield 3. As you would expect, the maps consist of broken down buildings, cracked streets and lots of obstructions. There are a few new vehicles and even a crossbow. Below you will find a walkthrough of each map. One thing to point out, on Epicenter, there are random earthquakes during the match. That’s different. Battlefield 3: Aftermath will be available next week for Battlefield Premium members on Xbox 360 and PC.


Markaz Monolith:

Azadi Palace:

Talah Market:

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