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Summer Movie Series June Edition


Time for us to prepare for phase two of our Summer Movies Series, June! We have a less action packed month compared to May, nevertheless the punch is packing!


This Is the End


June 12, 2013

A group of friends go to a party at James Franco’s house, which is filled with a numerous amount of celebrities. While there, the apocalypse begins and mayhem ensues as we watch the group try and survive.

Jiggy’s Thoughts: Pineapple Express meets Superbad meets Hot Tub Time Machine meets any other hilarious stoner movie


Man of Steel


June 14, 2013

A young journalist must discover the origin of his super abilities as well as his heritage, in order to save the world from members of his own race.

Jiggy’s Thoughts: I don’t know about this one guys. I am getting the feeling that it may be like Iron Man 3, where it is more character reflective. However, there has to be some type of action in this right? And Officer Stabler is in the movie!


Monsters University


June 21, 2013

Here go back to when Frank and Sully met in University, when they were not the best of friends.

Jiggy’s Thoughts: Meh. This should have been a straight-to-dvd movie


World War Z


June 21, 2013

United Nations employee Gerry Lane (Pitts) must travel the world in order to stop the zombie pandemic from spreading and killing off humanity.

Jiggy’s Thoughts: The author of the novel World War Z said the only thing that is the same between the two is the title. Welp, for my literary friends that means this is a no-go. This movie is the straw that breaks the zombie movie donkey’s back. Plus, in the trailer we don’t even see the zombies.


What will you be watching, or not watching, in June?

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