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Draw Something Is The New Words With Friends

I’m not saying that Word With Friends will soon disappear or isn’t cool anymore, but Draw Something has certainly made a swift sweep, grabbing just about everyone who was once addicted to Word With Friends. It’s really the battle of Scrabble vs. Pictionary, but of the smartphone and tablet generation. Both are great, classic games that will never go away, but it is interesting to see the younger generations being excited about a game that is basically reinvented to cater to them.

Whether you are an art student or someone who has been drawing hands that look like blown up latex gloves your whole life, with this FREE app, you can find enjoyment out of trying to draw something simple or more difficult as well as watching others try to do the same. Each round lets you choose from three words to draw, one being very simple, another pretty average and the last as more of a challenge. This also depends on how you envision your drawing to look like for each word though. Something could be very easy to guess if just drawn a certain way that some may not even think of.

Here are a couple of examples of works or art or lack thereof that can be seen on Draw Something:


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All Isn’t What It Seems In iOS’s Pokemon: Pocket Edition

Today, Pokemon: Pocket Edition makes its way to the iPhone App Store! What is Pokemon: Pocket Edition you say? Well, the app’s iTunes page describes it as

Pokémon lets you verse and play as everyone’s favorite Pokémon, Pikachu, around awesome lands. Using the stylus to control your favorite Pokémon, zip across land and sea—even through the air—on a mad dash for the finish line. During the race, look for power-ups, hot spots, and friendly Pokémon willing to aid you on your way. Flip through pictures as you enjoy the pokemon journey.

Hook up with other Trainers and let the fast-paced fun begin. You’ll have to be quick and cunning to win, so study the courses and look for shortcuts to help you along.

Entry level price SALE! $4.99> Grab it whiles it’s hot! (more…)

19 February 2012 Gaming Read more