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Today on PlayStation Plus 5/21/13 – Pinball Arcade, Germinator, and Ultimate Edition Sale

The latest PlayStation Plus update is live. This week, Sony’s offering Pinball Arcade and Germinator for free with the Instant Game Collection. You’ll also be able to pick up Men’s Room Mayhem along with other titles at a discount. Jump on in to check out the full update. (more…)

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Today on PlayStation Plus 6/12/12 – Arkham City Trial & Borderlands GOTY Discount

Today’s PlayStation Plus update was brought to you by the letter “L” which in this case refers to the word “late!” All jokes aside, now that the blog has finally updated, we can see what’s up on PlayStation Plus for this week. Having just finished downloading those 12 hefty titles from last week’s “Instant Game Collection” – which is still available by the way – you shouldn’t expect much from today’s update because compared to that one, it really isn’t much. Today’s update holds 40% discounts on Borderlands GOTY Edition, and Split/Second, as well trials for Batman: Arkham City, and Just Dance 3! (more…)

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Batman: Arkham City Game of the Year Edition Trailer

We knew this was coming. Batman: Arkham City Game of the Year Edition officially has been announced, and it includes all the Arkham City goodies you’ll need for the complete Batman experience. Whats included with the Game of the Year edition you ask? How about all the DLC’s released, the Harley Quinn expansion pack, and the Batman Year One movie download.

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New Batman: Arkham City DLC may be just around the corner

According to a post spotted on, Batman: Arkham City will see new downloadable content centring around Harley Quinn. The “Harley Quinn DLC” may have you playing Robin from the looks of the achievements list. The lil’ white guy may get much better airtime this time around, but will it be a story based or just a bunch of challenges? We do know that with 10 trophies, it isn’t gonna pack in much content, but will it be the first of many? I hope it’s good though. I am yet to get my hands on this since it was released. Don’t ask me why, cause I don’t even know myself.

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Batman: Arkham City – Skins Pack Trailer

You know all those pre order incentive skins you missed out on for Batman: Arkham City? Now here’s your chance to scoop up all those skins you missed out on. The trailer shows off all the cool skins you’ll get for Batman. Which one is your favorite?

8 December 2011 Gaming Read more

Batman Arkham City Big Head Mode Exposed

This is pretty cool. The last time I saw a Big Head mode in a video game was in Goldeneye for the Nintendo 64, an era where video graphics were generically blocky. However a YouTube user by the name of SuperSwifty released a vid on how he uncovered a similar DK style mode in Batman Arkham City. Through getting out your cryptographic sequencer and doing a few button motions, the hoodlums and Batman will grow big heads. However, as Swifty points out, this only seems to work on the Medium and Hard difficulty. Sorry Keem.

16 November 2011 Gaming Read more

Batman: Arkham City Nightwing DLC

As some of you already know there’s an upcoming DLC on the horizon for Batman: Arkham City, titled the Nightwing pack. I think it’s silly that you have to pay for something like this. I understand it being a quick buck to make from the developers, but this is something that should have been included in the game as perhaps an incentive for finishing the game within a certain time frame or difficulty. In this DLC gamers will assume the role of Nightwing, a.k.a Dick Grayson in all challenge maps as well as an additional two that will be included with the purchase. You can expect to pay about $6.99 for it, otherwise known as 560 MS points.

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Future Plans – Underground Hype 8

The Underground Hype crew makes its return with another podcast that will scare the living crap out of any fanboy. This week we had Trill. K, Mr Spoiler aka Keem J and your baby mama’s favorite DJ, DJ Krome. We get into an epic debate and discuss the latest in gaming.

  • Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Impressions
  • Grand Theft Auto V
  • South Florida Challenge V
  • Modern Warfare 3 Gun Progression
  • Where’s The Uncharted 3 Hype?
  • Too soon for Arkham City DLC?

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