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PAX East 2013 – The Cosplay of PAX East 2013 Day 2

Just amazing

Just amazing

What a day at PAX East 2013. Saturday is traditionally the busiest day of the show, and this year was no exception. I dedicated the entire day to seeking out the best cosplayers in the show and snapped a ton of photos.  It was such a pleasure to interact and mingle with everyone, and it was easy to see how much hard work went into the costumes. I was also excited to see a lot of Borderlands cosplay, including a bunch of characters I wouldn’t have expected. Awesome! Alright, you didn’t come here to see me writing a bunch of words, so let’s get right down to it.

I did a pretty cool video of one of the cosplay’s that caught my eye as it came in. It looked to be a robot, but as it turns out, there was someone inside. I’ve been told it was supposed to be Clockwork Droid from Dr. Who. Pretty cool video:

Here are many of the amazing cosplay costumes from Day 2 of PAX East 2013 (click here for Day 1):


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PAX East 2013 – The Cosplay of Day 1

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat

One of the biggest pastimes of convention going is getting dressed up as your favorite character. Whether it be comic books, Star Wars/Trek or in this case, video games, so much time and effort goes in to creating the perfect outfit that could steal the show. My goal for Day 1 of PAX East 2013 was to simply take as many photos as I could of all the booths and games and using Day 2 to snap some shots of people in cosplay, but there were too many awesome costumes to pass up. I particularly had a soft spot for anyone dressed up as their favorite Vault Hunter from Borderlands and Borderlands 2. Here is just a small sample of some of the talented and amazing cosplay from Day 1 of PAX East. As stated, it will be my focus today, so expect a ton more to come (with apologies to those who had Friday only passes).


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Borderlands Characters Invade Minecraft Skin Pack 4 on Xbox 360



Skin Pack 4 for Minecraft on Xbox 360 is coming soon, and it looks like it will feature Mordecai, Lillith, Brick and Claptrap from Borderlands and Borderlands 2. No release date or price is available, but I can totally see this as a reason for me to get back into some Minecraft!

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Borderlands: Legends Available on iOS Now!

Happy Birthday Jay! That’s what it feels like the folks in Pandora are saying to me today (on my real birthday) with the release of Borderlands:  Legends on the iOS platform. The top down shooter boasts randomized missions, 36 different powers and abilities and most importantly, the original cast from the first Borderlands game. I know there are a lot of people out there like myself that miss playing as our pals Roland, Mordecai, Lilith and Brick, so here is your chance. The game costs $4.99 and as mentioned, is currently only available on iOS devices. Hopefully it will hit everyone on Android and Windows phones soon, because it looks like it will be a lot of fun. Check out the launch trailer below:

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Today on PlayStation Plus: Borderlands Makes its Way to the Instant Game Collection

While today’s PlayStation Plus update might not have much variety, it does have a must-have title; that title being Borderlands. From Gearbox Software, Borderlands introduces you to the world of Pandora. A desert-heavy wasteland filled with monsters of all shapes and sizes. As one of four Vault Hunters, your purpose on Pandora is to find the Vault of Legends, a thing said to hold mystical wonders inside. Whether or not this Vault truly exists is a mystery, but one thing’s for sure, finding it will not be easy. With more than 40 levels to advance through, an open-world environment, a bazillion guns, and first-person shooting mechanics, Borderlands is bound to be a fun ride for those that take the plunge!


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Today on PlayStation Plus 6/12/12 – Arkham City Trial & Borderlands GOTY Discount

Today’s PlayStation Plus update was brought to you by the letter “L” which in this case refers to the word “late!” All jokes aside, now that the blog has finally updated, we can see what’s up on PlayStation Plus for this week. Having just finished downloading those 12 hefty titles from last week’s “Instant Game Collection” – which is still available by the way – you shouldn’t expect much from today’s update because compared to that one, it really isn’t much. Today’s update holds 40% discounts on Borderlands GOTY Edition, and Split/Second, as well trials for Batman: Arkham City, and Just Dance 3! (more…)

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Borderlands Claptrap and Psycho Bandit Figures by NECA Toys Reviewed!

Helllllllo traveler! I’m pretty geeked out today, because after a very long and slightly impatient wait, I finally found the new Claptrap and Psycho Bandit action figures from NECA Toys. These were announced all the way back at San Diego Comic Con in 2010, and for whatever reason, it just took forever to get these pushed out the door. I suspect it has a little something to do with the looming September 18th release of Borderlands 2, but I digress.

NECA is no stranger to the world of gaming, having already pumped out figures for the Gears Of War, Halo, Bioshock, Left 4 Dead, Assassin’s Creed, Prototype and Resident Evil franchises (among others), so it came as no shock to me when they got their hands on the Borderlands license. I own a number of other gaming pieces put out from NECA, so there was no doubt in my mind that these would be high quality pieces. You can see the figures in action in the video below. As I state in the video, I have super, minor gripes about the way Claptrap stays on the stand and the fact that the wheel doesn’t lock fully in the upright position, but both are minor squabbles in the grand scheme of things.

NECA teased that they had visited Gearbox to see some new concept stuff for Borderlands 2 well before the general public, so I think it is safe to assume  that we may be seeing more figures from other characters in the series at some point. I ain’t too proud to beg for a Mordecai figure, NECA! I found mine at my local Toys R Us for $15.99 and I’ve seen them both at online e-tailers like for a reasonable price, and I can’t recommend them highly enough for the Borderlands fans out there. They are in stores now, so happy hunting!

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Borderlands 2 Hands-On Preview

 It was a very nice day in New York City and it was almost 2pm when I walked into Studio 450. On the outside, this building looked like nothing more than a typical warehouse, but once I took the elevator inside, I knew that I was about to experience something great. After a few minutes to the top floor, I met a nice gentleman from 2K games, who offered me a glass of soda with a perfect slice of lemon. Around the modernized and all white space were other writers, waiting to enter the close double doors ahead. My nerves almost got the best of me as I too, anxiously waited to be called. After what seemed like a lifetime, I walked through the doors, to see a comfortable black chair, sitting across an HD monitor, with a pair of Tritton headphones plugged in. This was it-I was finally about to explore Pandora.


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