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Good Deeds – Short Movie Review

I never thought I’d say this, but… here’s a movie that makes me MISS Madea. Good Deeds just takes itself SO DAMN SERIOUSLY. It comes off as self parody almost immediately. The problems with the film begin and end with Tyler Perry himself. He is not leading-man material whatsoever… at least not under his own direction and with his own script. The movie is about a guy named Wesley Deeds who is not only the member of an Ivy League family, but is a wealthy rich businessman with a beautiful wife, a beautiful place to live, and everything one could ever hope for. And, he’s miserable. Why? Because, he finds himself doing all the things that other people want him to do rather than defining his own path. However, this all starts to change with Thandie Newton comes in as a down-on-her-luck janitor (Thandie Newton as a janitor…. nigga please).


28 February 2012 Movie Reviews Read more