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Madden 11 Review

For those who have played Madden in the past, know that there are very few games that are as complicated. With this installment into the Madden franchise, it seems as if EA Sports has realized the complicity of their game and tailored Madden 11 to be more accessible to the players. Will the step back in complicity effect the overall feel of Madden? You’ll have to read on to find out. (more…)

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Madden 11 Takes Over ESPN’s SportsNation

One of my favorite shows on ESPN is in the game! ESPN’s SportsNation will have an entire episode dedicated to the new smash football game Madden 11. All the hilarious polls will be related to the new game along with viewers being asked to rank the toughest players in the history of the game. Colin Cowherd and Michelle Beadle will be joined in studio with former Tennessee Titan running back and Madden 2001 cover boy Eddie George who will challenge SportsCenter anchor Mike Hill to a game of Madden 11. Set your clocks and your DVR’s to 4pm Eastern on ESPN2 to catch the show.

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Madden 11 Special Preview: Patriots Training Camp

Madden 11 is officially one week away and the excitement is definitely building. I know that I personally can not wait to get my hands on it and start setting up shop with my New England Patriots. We’re always looking for new ways to bring outstanding content to the table, and with Sunday being such a beautiful day here in Massachusetts, I thought to myself “could there be a better way to get people stoked for the return of the NFL and Madden 11 then a trip to Patriots training camp?” Clearly, this was an excuse to make a pit stop in Foxboro, MA on my way to last nights concert to visit the land of Tom Brady. Check out the gallery of nearly 200 pictures below and get stoked for some Madden 11, coming out next Tuesday!

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Madden 11 Soundtrack Disappoints

Damn you Madden! EA Sports can you please give us a year with some good Football music? At first glance the Madden 11 Soundtrack looks like the playlist for the Drive at Five on your classic rock radio station. On top of that, the only Hip Hop representation on the soundtrack is Kevin Rudolf and the Ying Yang Twins. I would rather listen to the T-Pain – Miami Dolphins Fight Song on repeat then listen to this soundtrack in game. Awful! I’m positive I can come up with a more relevant soundtrack then this.  Where’s my Linkin Park? B.o.B? Ludacris? Rage Against The Machine?  I’ve included the tracklisting of Madden 11 so you can fully understand my pain. EA Sports, you’ve been put on notice.

Original Recordings:

  • AC/DC – Thunderstruck
  • Archie Eversole – We Ready
  • Blur – Song 2
  • Bush – Machinehead
  • Guns N’ Roses – Welcome to the Jungle
  • Kevin Rudolf featuring Lil’ Wayne – Let It Rock
  • Kiss – Rock and Roll All Nite
  • Ozzy Osbourne – Let Me Hear You Scream
  • Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy Train
  • The Hives – Tick Tick Boom
  • Todd Rundgren – Bang the Drum
  • Ying Yang Twins featuring Homebwoi – Halftime

Cover Versions:

  • Rock N Roll Part 2 – as made famous by Gary Glitter
  • We Will Rock You – as made famous by Queen
  • Crowd Chant – as made famous by Joe Satriani
  • Kernkraft 400 – as made famous by Zombie Nation

Team Fight Songs:

  • Chicago Bears – Bear Down Chicago Bears
  • Detroit Lions – Gridiron Heroes
  • Green Bay Packers – Go Packers Go!
  • Miami Dolphins – Miami Dolphins #1
  • Minnesota Vikings – Skol Vikings
  • Philadelphia Eagles – Fly Eagles Fly
  • Washington Redskins – Hail to the Redskins

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Madden 11 Demo Out Today, NFC Preview Inside

EA has released a demo for Madden 11 on the XBox 360 and Playstation 3 today. The demo will give fans the opportunity to play as either the Indianapolis Colts or the New York Jets. There are a lot of new features highlighted in the demo, and I even noticed that there was an achievement or two that can be unlocked once you purchase the full game (the one I got was for setting up an offense). I’ll get more into my thoughts on the demo later when I finish up my impressions review. For now, though, I’ll go ahead and offer everyone our NFC preview, featuring screen shots from all the teams in the NFC and “sizzle” videos for each division in the conference. Enjoy:

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Xbox Live And PSN Intercept Madden 11 Demo On July 27th

Huddle up team! This July 27th, you can your butterfingers on the demo of Madden 11. This demo is going to feature last years AFC Championship game with the Jets vs The Colts. The demo will be a full featured demo. This means all the major features in Madden 11 will bee in the demo. Your able to change the sliders, presentation settings, and mess around with the new gameflow and gameplanning features. By saving a gameplan you also unlock an achievement in the full game similar to Crackdown 2. Make room on your hard drive because Madden is on its way.

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Madden 11 AFC South – Tennessee Titans vs Jacksonville Jaguars Screenshot Showdown

Screenshot showdown time! Basketball season is over and Baseball is at the halfway point, so you know its about time we get into some Madden 11 action. In this screenshot showdown we focus on the AFC South and pit the Tennessee Titans against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Peep the high quality screenshots of EA’s simpler and deeper Madden 11 laced with our original soundtrack. Press play!

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Madden 11 AFC Preview and Screenshots

August 10th can’t come soon enough. I am a massive football fan, owning the NFL Sunday Ticket even though I live in my home teams market. The Madden series has been one of my most anticipated releases of the year, every year, pretty much since its inception. I think the last football game I owned instead of Madden was Deion Sanders Prime Time Football on the Sega Genesis. Needless to say, I have been following the action from EA as they slowly unveil the latest and greatest from this years game, and today I come to you with an information overload!

I’ve taken the time to go through and grab two screen shots for each team in the AFC. Check out Ladanian Tomlinson in his Jets uniform. Tom Brady in all his awesomeness. Revel at the feat of your lord and savior Tim Tebow as he leads the Denver Broncos at the line for likely the only time this year. See the disfunctionality that is the San Diego Chargers. See Ronnie Brown run the wildcat and end up road kill. You know, the usual. I promise I skipped the screen shot of Rex Ryan, because let’s be honest, no one wants to see that shit.

Check out the preview videos for each conference in the AFC below:

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