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Michael Jackson The Experience Free On PS Store [Vita]

In today’s PS Store update, Sony released their whole lineup of launch titles for their upcoming handheld, the PlayStation Vita. Most Ubisoft games can be bought in one of two ways: purchase the game upfront, or try out the full-size demo which is more of a trial in that it’s the full game but requires an unlock code after a while. It seems that somebody at Ubisoft messed up the Michael Jackson The Experience┬ádemo. Downloading the Michael Jackson┬ádemo nets you the full game, with the unlock code, for free. That’s right, just download the demo, and you have the full game. Note: This only applies to Michael Jackson, the rest of Ubisoft’s demos require an unlock code to continue, so if I were you, I’d stop reading and get to downloading! (more…)

14 February 2012 Playstation Vita  PSN Read more