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Today on PlayStation Plus 4/30/13: Zombie Tycoon 2 and PlayStation All-Stars Heritage Sale

PlayStation-Plus-April 30 2013

This Week on PlayStation Plus, we have Zombie Tycoon 2 and a huge sale covering some of the franchises included in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Hit the jump to find the links to their web store page, as well as their respective PlayStation Plus and PSN prices. (more…)

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PlayStation All-Stars Patch 1.07 is Live; Adds Kat & Emmett, New Minions, Fearless, and More

PlayStation All-Stars Update 1.07 It’s finally here, ladies and gentlemen. PlayStation All-Stars first DLC has just gone live via Patch 1.XX. This patch adds not only our DLC characters Kat and Emmett, but also our first DLC stage, Fearless – which can be played for free in ranked matches, otherwise you’ll have to plunk down $1.99 – 20 new minions – two of which are free –  and allows the rivalry stage to be played outside of the Arcade Mode. Kat and Emmett will be available to download for free for the next two weeks. If you happen to miss the cutoff date, you’ll have to pay $4.99 per character, so it’d be best to download them even if you don’t have the game. The patch is only 549 MB on the PS3 and around 900 MB on the Vita, you can download it by booting up PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale on your desired device. As for actually playing these characters, you’ll have to wait until the PlayStation Store update goes live later today.

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Up In Smoke – Underground Hype 292


Shout outs to consistency! We made it back for another episode of Underground Hype. This week’s episode of Underground Hype features the antics of Keem J, Jess, Cleo Money The Prophet, Jay, Trill and Khalid. As always your baby mama’s favorite DJ is in the building. We rap about the big Playstation announcement, Sony shadow kicks Playstation All-Stars to hell and next gen cometh!

Download Up In Smoke – Underground Hype 292

Underground Hype has gone global! Now you can listen to the rawest video game podcast wherever you are. Check out the newest options to get your Hype fix.


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Kat and Emmett Join PlayStation All-Stars on February 12

PlayStation All-Stars Kat vs Sly

They’re almost here. We finally know when PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale’s first DLC will be available. The aforementioned DLC – which adds Gravity Rush’s Kat and Starhawk’s Emmett – will be available to consumer on February 12th and for two weeks will be completely free!

In addition to adding Kat and Emmett to the roster, February will also bring a new level to us! Fearless will join together Heavenly Sword and Wipeout for players to battle within. This DLC will be paid and available later sometime this February. Check out the trailers for Kat and Emmett down below.


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First Gameplay of Kat and Emmett in PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale

PlayStation All-Star’s first DLC will be available for free in just a few months, so who’s the best man to get some details on our new fighters Kat and Emmett, why Adam Sessler of course! In the video below, you’ll find Adam Sessler and Seth Killian discussing Kat’s versatility, Emmett’s many styles of gameplay and you’ll get your first look at them in action! Hit the jump and get hyped! (more…)

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[UPDATE 2] PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale Patch 1.02 is Live

UPDATE 2: Patch 1.03 is up on the PS3.

UPDATE: The patch is now live on US PS3s. The Vita patch isn’t up just yet.

PlayStation All-Stars’ first patch has just gone live, in some regions that is. If you’re living in the UK, you should be able to update it from your Vita or PS3, depending on which version you own. However, this 196 MB patch does not seem to be available for US residents quite yet. When it does go live, we’ll make sure to update this post, in the mean time, check out the patch notes below. (more…)

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PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Patch 1.02 Notes

PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale has been out for the better part of a week, and it’s pretty good, but like all games, it has its problems  and things that could use some tweaking. Luckily, the community has been rather vocal about changes that they’d like to see in an upcoming patch, which will go live next week as SuperBot has stated. Sackboy will be getting a much needed nerf, and the game will be getting a new item called “Medusa’s Gaze.” You can find the full patch notes curtesy of SuperBot down below. (more…)

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Take A Peek Into The PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale Break Room

Have you ever wondered whats going behind the scenes between matches of Playstation All-Stars: Battle Royale? Me neither but the folks over at Robot Chicken decided to drop a video that shows what goes down in the Battle Royale Break room. A lot more then cooler talk goes down in the break room check it out.

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