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Krome – He’s Got You Covered Complex Interview

krome got you covered

Happy holidays folks! Its been a busy holiday for us at AnalogHype behind the scenes. We’ve been working on some new content and possibly a new direction. Before we get into all that, I had the pleasure of doing an interview for In the interview I give you some tips on how to maintain your gaming collection and some slow motion gaming action.

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The New Xbox Revealed! We’re Blogging It Live! #XboxRevealed



We’re living blogging the event for those of you who can’t watch but want to follow along with the action. We’ll try to contribute some screen shots and all that jazz as well. It should be an exciting day in the world of Microsoft. We already know we’re going to see the new Call Of Duty and Fifa titles. Who knows what else?
Hit the jump to check it out!


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Watch The Next Xbox Reveal Here At 1pm ET/10am PT


Microsoft is good to go to unveil the next generation of Xbox hardware today after months of rumors. What will gamers have to look forward to? Hopefully everything will be unveiled today at 1pm ET/10am PT. Hit the jump to watch!


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New Xbox to be Revealed May 21st at 1PM EST on Spike TV


Get stoked. Get your body ready. Get your head on straight. It’s about to go down. The new Xbox is coming and it is going to be huge. Major Nelson just revealed what the world has been waiting for: the new Xbox will be revealed on May 21st on Spike TV and Xbox Live. Here’s a stone cold guarantee: they’re showing the box. More details as they become available!

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Pizza Hut App hits Xbox Live



I don’t even want to live in this world anymore! You can now order Pizza Hut from your Xbox. GTFO. You know what, a Meat Lovers sounds great right about now. Video proof this is real:


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Hauppauge HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition Unboxing and Review


One of the best decisions I have ever made was the day I decided to buy an HD PVR. I love recording gameplay footage from all of my favorite games and getting it on the net and the experience I have had establishing an increasingly popular Youtube Channel. One of the biggest drawbacks to being tethered to a HD PVR is the secret enemy of the HD business: HDCP. For those unaware, HDCP stands for high-definition digital content protection, and it is an encryption that runs within HDMI cables that is meant to prevent copyrighted digital files from being copied or utilized on non-authorized devices. Considering the entire purpose of an HD PVR is to do exactly that, it goes without saying that it has been a challenge figuring out a way to create a device that allows for the use of HDMI. Welcome to the Hauppauge HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition, a device that will allow Xbox 360 owners that very opportunity.

My first HD PVR was the original Hauppauge HD PVR. It has been outstanding, and for the better part of two years, more than served its purpose. The downside is and has always been the lack of HDMI, which has had me stuck using component cables and recording at a maximum resolution of 720P. I realize that many console games are native 720p anyway, but even upscaled to 1080p they look much better. The original Hauppauge HD PVR is capable of recording at 1080i over component, but interlaced looks terrible in the recordings, so that really isn’t an option. All of that goes away with the new Hauppauge HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition.


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The Top 10 Biggest Disappointments in Gaming in 2012

2012 is in the books, and while it was an amazing year for gaming as a whole, there were a few situations that made me sad, angry and/or downright disappointed. We’ll be spending way more time on the good things that happened in 2012 with my Top 20 Games of the Year, but for now, here are the Top 10 Biggest Disappointments of 2012:


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Xbox SmartGlass Out Now for iPhones (Preview featuring Halo 4)


The Xbox SmartGlass app was first shown at E3 2012 to much fanfare, and it was made available last week in conjunction with the release of the Microsoft Surface tablet. As far as other formats are concerned, Microsoft has been rolling the app out slowly, first with some Android phones and iPads, and now fully integrated with all iOS devices with yesterday’s release on the iPhone. Like most Xbox owners, I was pretty excited to get my hands on the SmartGlass app, but found myself on the wrong end of the initial roll-out, as I have an iPhone 4 and a Nexus 7 for a tablet. You know, the complete opposite.

The My Xbox Live app was a pretty cool start, but now that I have seen the difference between the two, I definitely can’t wait to see the Xbox SmartGlass app at it’s full capability. It’s no surprise to see Microsoft pump it out to the most popular mobile phone platform on the same day that they released the latest entry into their biggest franchise on the Xbox with Halo 4, especially considering the full integration with the game. In the video below, you can check out how Xbox SmartGlass works and how it recognizes everything that is happening on your Xbox 360. The second I load up Halo 4, it launches into the Halo Waypoint integration and lets me look at stats


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