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The Future, Presented by Microsoft

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Some are saying that Microsoft is in its last days, on its last legs and drawing its last breath due to Apple‘s unparalleled growth. I can’t really see the world without MS but if what they say is true, they are definitely dependent on the mobile future. Here is a six minute video they produced outlining their vision.

27 October 2011 Mobile Tech ,

  • negative.electrons

    Microsoft definitely has some cool things it’s thinking about- obviously some of those things are decades away, however some of the inklings are already baked into the WP7 OS… now if they just offered some decent hardware for it to run on…

  • b.nijhoff

    Microsoft will stay with us for a long time just like Apple. Those 2 will stay very long on the market because some people only use Apple stuff and other users use only Microsoft stuff and I think there isn’t one who has mare users between the both.