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The Last Of Us Post Pandemic Edition Unboxing (Gamestop Exclusive)



It’s the moment Sony fans worldwide have been waiting for: The Last Of Us is available now. As I often do on big release nights, I made my way down to my local Gamestop to pick up my copy of the game, and I was surprised to find out, I was the only person in the entire store that pre-ordered the Post Pandemic Edition of the game. I’m not sure how rare these are going to be, but I know out of the 25-30 people in store with me at the midnight opening and judging by the stack of games on their counter, the hundred or so others that pre-ordered the game, I was the only one walking out with what is one of the best Collector’s Edition of a game I have ever seen.


The Post Pandemic Edition comes with a steelbook case for the game, The Last Of Us – American Dreams #1 from Dark Horse Comics, a bunch of downloadable content and the main event of the $169.99 version of the game: the Joel and Ellie statue you see above by Project Triforce. Ellie is sitting on top of an old newspaper stand looking admiringly at Joel, who looks to be standing guard of the situation. It is made of a high quality plastic and is extremely high detail. This thing is phenomenal. I’ve purchased a number of Collector’s Editions before and this may be one of the best. What I especially love about what Naughty Dog did in putting the contents together is that they didn’t throw together a bunch of cheap paper goods to make it seem like there was more to it than there really was.

If you didn’t preorder the Post Pandemic Edition of The Last Of Us, I seriously doubt you are going to be able to snag on at this point, but just in case you can, be on the lookout. I think it is worth every penny, and even though I only managed to get in about 20 minutes of the game before crashing for the night, it’s not hard to see why people have been freaking out about this game. The Last Of Us is in stores now for the Playstation 3.


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