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The Reinvention of Tony Stark




It has been a week since the US release of Iron Man 3 and there have been many opinions on Tony Stark’s character, ranging from his use of guns to the lack of him being in the suit. I, however, believe that the change from ultra-egotistical, overzealous, billionaire to an anxiety prone, self-conscious man. Iron Man 3’s purpose was for the audience to see the true character of Tony stark, a man who did not know who he was.   iron-man-3-reinvention-3 Captain America asked Tony Stark in The Avengers, “Big man in a suit of armor. Take that away — what are you?” Is it possible to believe that Stark felt as though he was nothing without the suit? Hence why he chose to escort the nuclear bomb into the portal? He attempted to give his final goodbye to Pepper Potts. iron-man-3-reinvention-2 Now it is after the battle that took place in New York City, and we have Stark, fervently making numerous amounts of suits with several purposes. He even had a suit that he could summon by merely gesturing. Stark does not want to be left unprepared. He thinks low of himself that he has to have several suits created in order to defend him. He feels like he is too vulnerable without the suit. At this point, Stark believes he is nothing without the suit. We also see Stark start to experience the anxiety attacks. Though, none of these attacks happen while he is in the suit. When one attack began, he sought comfort running to put on his suit. Again, this further establishes his dependency for the suit.


After the attack on his home by the Mandarin, Stark’s suit is needs to be rebuilt and recharged. Although the suit is being charged and rebuilt, so is Starks confidence in his self. He continues his quest on finding and destroying the Mandarin without his suit, relying on his pure genius. As he breaks into the Mandarin’s hideaway, Stark was able to overtake the guards merely using average tools found in a hardware store. After Potts was in the clutches of the Mandarin, Stark sent his entire iron army against him and his terrorist group. He fought the Mandarin with and without the suit, which would mean that he was fighting him whole heartedly. Finally, Tony Stark was complete. iron-man-3-reinvention-4 Seeing his love fall to her demise, and come back to life, was reminiscent to what Potts must have felt with Stark at the end of the Avengers, even the questioning of herself with her new found powers. This triggers Stark to contemplate what is important within his life, and what he is willing to lose. The one this he is not willing to lose is Pepper, and with that is willing to sacrifice anything, including a part of his self. It may be safe to call Tony Stark a martyr, as a part of him died for a reason, and that reason being love.

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