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Time To Cancel Your Netflix Account! Netflix Loses Starz Play In A Few Days

The guys at Netflix have no idea what their doing. From the pricing structure mishap and now this week Netflix streaming loses Starz Play. Hundreds of SD quality movies will now go missing on the 1st of March. Netflix is definitely holding by a thread and they really need to bring some major players into the game if they want to compete.

27 February 2012 Tech

  • TrillCosby

    You didn’t know last year that Starz cut their partnership with Netflix? This was like back in September. If Netflix would have kept it, the membership costs would have went up (because Starz wanted to charge customers more). People were already upset with the prices rising. Folk would have been raging. Because of that, I somewhat think Netflix made the right move. They are going to lose a lot of movies though. Can’t please everyone. 

    •  @TrillCosby The biggest thing for me is TV shows. Movies, meh, RedBox is a buck and has a better selection, at least for new movies.
      Things like MadMen, Army Wives, Walking Dead, The Office, etc…that’s where the value is at for me. The movies are just a bonus in some sense.

      • TrillCosby

         @JMattHicks It may not be what Netflix pushes the most, but the biggest thing for them is the TV programs they have – definitely. I agree with you completely. They are pretty amazing when it comes to shows (also anime). 
        They have a pretty decent selection for movies (older). When it comes to brand new releases, Redbox is the best way to go.