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Tom Clancy’s The Division E3 Trailer


Well I’ll be damned. I respect the hell out of Tom Clancy. I think he is an amazing writer and I love that his work has contributed so much to the gaming industry… it’s just… I haven’t always been in love with those games. I think that is about to change. Welcome to The Division: an open world, post-apocalyptic RPG in which players will traverse through what is left of New York City. I’m not overly in love with the fact that yet another open world game is doing the New York City thing again, but I am willing to cut Ubisoft some slack because holy crap does this look amazing? The debut E3 trailer can be found after the break, and it is an awesome seven plus minutes of everything I think will be right about the next generation of gaming. I love the way the crew was able to link up and I especially love the way someone on a tablet was able to jump in and contribute. We’re about to enter a crazy world of fun, and The Division is definitely going to be a game to watch. The game is set to release some time in 2014 on the Xbox One and Playstation 4. Check it out.

13 June 2013 E3 2013 Events Gaming Trailers